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For every professional and hobbyist woodworker, the best plunge router is essential equipment. To get the wood project more accurate and efficient almost all the woodworkers prefer to use a plunge router.

Therefore, a plunge router is a powerful tool for woodcutting with variable speed control and a powerful motor. With the plunge base router, you can simply cut through the wood with any cutting depth measure.

Moreover, with constant speed or electronic speed control, you will avail of the affluent adjustable speed adjustment system. So, you can soothingly cut through the edges of the wood with the edge guide in the plunge router.

Thus, we will acknowledge you with the best plunge routers, with high-end standard and exclusive features. So, let get ahead and take notice of the best plunge router and plunge router reviews.

So, if you are searching for the top rated plunge router, here is our quick listing to take a look.

  1. BOSCH Wood Router with Combo Kit – Perfect for Professionals
  2. DEWALT Fixed base router – Highly Configured Router Kit
  3. TRITON TRA001 Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router – Fixed Base Mode
  4. DEWALT Router Fixed Plunge Base Router – Best Value
  5. TRITON MOF001 Double Mode Plunge Router – Higher Precision
  6. Hitachi HP Fixed/Plunge Base Router Kit – Same As Great Metabo HPT
  7. Makita Plunge Router Tool – Electric Brake Technology
  8. Bosch Electric Plunge Base Router – Single Power Tool

Ultimate Features of The Best Plunge Routers – Specifications of Functionalities

As to be the best plunge router in all aspects for a woodcutting task. The plunge routers need to avail of certain features and operating functionalities.

Therefore, we explored and scrutinized the prime characteristics, a perfect plunge router must possess, then we selected the top best plunge routers.

Variable Speed Control and Adjustment

In woodcutting projects, woodworkers need accurate speed measure and control. For that in the best high-end plunge routers, there is an integrated variable speed function.

This built-in function lets smoothly control and adjust the router’s cutting speed at the precise necessary amount immediately.

Therefore, to maintain the depth of cutting the wood, you need to swiftly control and adjust the speed at an appropriate rate.

This is why it is very essential that your woodcutting plunge router can do that with a variable speed adjustment system feature. This function will provide you both instant accuracy and safety while you process your woodworking project.

Moreover, if the speed adjustment is too swift or too slow while cutting through a certain depth wood. This will produce some defective cuts or errors in the planned design of the wood.

Also, if your woodcutting router fails to maintain the speed adjustment. The machine could get stuck inside the wood due to the error and cause harm, and damage.

Furthermore, this on-demand built-in function also includes the alternative vast collections of individual speed range control regarding your wood projects.

In this case, if your plunge router only contains some basic controls but missing out on the essential requirements. Then you will face some undesirable troubles at your woodcutting job.

Thus, a perfect plunge router must consist of variable speed control, which will finish your task smoothly, without any blunder.

Vacuum Port Feature for Wooden Dust

Some woodworkers may not find the vacuum port in the plunge router very necessary. But it is important for our well being.

While you work on your woodcutting project, it will result in a lot of wooden dirt. Therefore, the dust or the tiny particles of the wood can cause a great threat to our lungs. Also, the tiny dust of the cut woods can fly into your eyes and eardrums, as you are cutting wood with your router.

In this regard, the vacuum collector comes as a convenient port to reduce the wood debris, keeps your workshop, and plunge router neat.

Thereby, you must attach the wooden dust vacuum port with your wood atelier. With the purpose that the wood dirt cannot get away and be hazardous to your constitution.

While the vacuum port and the collector is aligned, these will operate coherently, and will hardly let any wood debris fly around. That way, you can simply put all your attention and strength into your woodcutting process.

Further, you can find quite a lot of plunge routers with an in-built mechanism for shielding and gathering the debris. However, along with the vacuum port system, the built-in feature processes very fluently.

This, you will not feel any necessity for having cleaning maintenance for your workshop and the plunge router. As the vacuum port arranged system will assign itself for getting rid of the wooden dust.

Spindle Lock for & Router Bit

For setting up the router machine in a place firmly, and adjusting the router bit grip spindle lock is very essential. Some know this feature as a safety function, but it is quite wrong.

It is a standard feature, that lets the plunge router stay on the base wood in a constant position for enhancing work efficiency.

If the plunge router shakes up from its placement at the slightest, it will hamper the woodworking procedure. Also, it will lead you into an unprepared accident, you might get hurt very badly, as the router is a heavy-duty tool.

The older versions of plunge routers compel with two wrench jolts, to firmly secure the placing arrangement on the base wood. However, the spindle lock will need just one collet wrench for securing the router collet.

There are individual types of automatic spindle locks with much easier setup settings. Also regarding distinct constructors, you will probably make use of the locker collar to seal the placement. Other than that utilize the single spring loading pin to set up and lock the motor shaft of the router.

Further, with either of the spindle lock usage, you will get a more convenient and securing placement securing with only single proper collet wrenches. Thus, both procedures will provide you with similar appropriate security, and functionality.

Electronic Feedback Circuitry Technology

Referring to the best plunge router, it must consist of the electronic feedback circuitry operating feature.

Therefore, this function will constantly check and monitor the electric flow, and the workload of the router while it is processing.

Besides, for a proper woodcutting plunge router, this feature will measure the work rate of the router and will prevent the tool from overworking. This feature is also renowned as the electronic speed control of the router.

Moreover, it will not only prevent the router tool from overexertion workload. But it will shift the speed control to a less force and an affluent work pressure for woodcutting task.

Further, it will not decrease the work capacity of the plunge router even a bit. Also, it will enhance your woodworking experience with soothing work efficiency.

Thereby, a proper built-in operating system of the electronic feedback circuitry in the woodcutting plunge router will make it more long-lasting.

Lastly, you will experience your heavy-duty project to be smooth, high-end, durable wood designing at an easement.

A Fluent Soft Start Feature Attribute

The soft-start attribute is an indispensable feature as necessary as the variable speed control of the plunge router.

Managing the production of the output power on the motor to the shoot up and start the plunge router. As a result, the start-up of the plunge router turns out SOFT and relaxing.

Besides, with the soft start mechanism and contributing to the speed control adjustment. The variable speed and the constant speed and the shifting power movement of the router get more accurate and predictable.

Moreover, getting much-expected accuracy the co-alignment of you and the plunge router befits the woodwork.

Further, the soft-start functionality has an intersectional influence with not only the variable speed. But also the electronic feedback circuitry mechanism.

Therefore, the overlapping features develop a trinity technology, which makes your advanced plunge router more dependable, and precise.

Regarding the fact, when you are processing a complex woodcutting project, the soft start feature will be the best workmate ever. As it will activate your work in a soft smooth way.

Thus it will constantly and efficiently control the variable speed, and arrange the speed adjustment properly.

Router Table Compatibility & Adjustment

This mechanism is also called Above Table Adjustment (ATA), which secures the placement of the router table and the plunge router. It is a set up of a flat base router table for your plunge router.

Therefore, it supports the router table accessories arrangement, and manipulate the regulation of the router bit. Also, this will adjust the positioning of your router base and will also control the plunge router on it.

Moreover, as you can manipulate the ergonomic situation of the router base. You will not need to bend over to cut the base wood according to the structure.

Besides, this will save you up from a lot of trouble to movement, or any body parts aching due to awkward positions.

Further, the best way to execute the Router Table Adjustment function is very convenient. That way you can easily arrange and enhance the collet, for the router table to place above it.

Also, this above table arrangement will avail you to pull up the plunge router. More like, you can swipe, swindle, rotate, move, and finally finish your woodcutting precisely without extra bodily effort.

Thereby, it will be very convenient for a critical woodworking procedure. With dynamics to fitting and appropriate ergonomically designed pleasant routing session.

8 Best Plunge Routers- Reviews of Top-Rated Models of Plunge Router with Pros and Cons

Now that we already told you about how we selected the best plunge with the best value. We will acknowledge you with our top picks of the best plunge routers.

Therefore, we will let you know why we consider these routers as the best plunge router till now. So, let’s get over and check in here about the best plunge router and plunge router reviews.

BOSCH Wood Router with Combo Kit

BOSCH Wood Router with Combo Kit
BOSCH Wood Router with Combo Kit
BOSCH Wood Router with Combo Kit

As a passionate hobbyist, a newbie, or a professional, BOSCHE provides the perfect offer. The combo kit has both Fixed Base and the Plunge router, developed with Variable Speed facility.

Therefore, the fixed base and the plunge router of the BOSCH brand coincide with some incredible versatile functionalities.

Moreover, BOSCH power tools contain an edge guide for easily forming edges of the base wood. The BOSCH routers possess 2.25 horsepower with 120 voltage corded electric power source.

Besides, the router kit lets you utilize both ½-inches, and ¼-inches self propagate collet chucks. Also, the router tools avail the consistency of adding up user-friendly forger 16, and 24 mm bit changeable wrenches and the adjustable T handle hex-height wrenches.

  • Variable speed dial with soft start mechanism, and constant speed adjustment. Also has a built-in process of Constant Response Electronic Feedback Circuitry to keep the power usage in check continually.
  • The router has wooden handles with a securing grip.
  • Smoothly compatible with any type of router table, also you convenient for the above table adjustment.
  • Consists of a versatile kit giving a wide range of features, advantages for individual types of woodcutting procedures.
  • For flexibility of distinct sizes, and types of collets and adjustable wrenches are available in the BOSCH combo kit.
  • No portal cable for installing a vacuum port, or collector. Also, there is no arrangement of the spindle lock feature.

DEWALT Fixed base router

DEWALT Fixed base router
DEWALT Fixed base router
DEWALT Fixed base router

For most professional woodworkers DEWALT routers are very preferable. The high-standard and heavy-duty routers set help you routing any type of wood, with individual kinds of processes like trimming, edge-cutting, accurate in-depth cutting.

Therefore, for a detailed, and precise woodworking route this fixed base provides some high-quality characteristics. That is high boasting 4 horsepower electronic motor and 12-ampere variable speed control.

As we already know variable speed control helps you routing precise, in-depth woodcutting, while continuously arranging speed regarding the cutting requirements.

Moreover, the router kit has full electronic feedback circuitry control, for sustaining work speed from exerting its limit and losing vital work-efficiency.

Further, there you will avail of the integrity vacuum port for wood debris collecting. Also for pleasant authority over your workstation, the adjustable spindle lock is quite methodical.

  • Fixed based router contains variable speed, soft start-up, electronically adjustable speed control feature, and router-based compatibility.
  • The router set provides precision on groove’s cutting, also in complicated templates work, with utilizing the electronic feedback circuitry control.
  • The built-in function of the vacuum port enhances the woodworking arrangements by making it hazard-free and prudent.
  • The spindle lock or the can lock feature will keep the positioning of the router and router base intact and adjustable as necessary.
  • The centering tool for routing is not available in this kit. Therefore, for single-type router users, this power toolset is exaggerating.

Triton TRA001 3-1/4 HP Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router

Triton TRA001 3-1/4 HP Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router
Triton TRA001 3-1/4 HP Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router
Triton TRA001 3-1/4 HP Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router

Having two individual characteristics in the single routing power tool is an amazing matter. Therefore, the TRITON plunge router comes up with the dual-mode of Fixed Base router mode.

Therefore, the dual-mode is simply developed for those who cannot avail of two types of router altogether. So, a plunge router along with the fixed base router mechanism is quite convenient for newbies, and experts.

Moreover, the dual featured plunge router consists of soft start-up, variable speed function, which are usable even in the fixed-base mode.

Further, the plunge router has a depth arrangement feature, so you can manage proper speed, and depth for accurate routing. You also acquire the vacuum port system for dust collection. 

Thus, to enjoy and experience both process of fixed base and plunge router, just a tap on the single switch is enough. Then you will soothingly convert to the fixed-base router additional with rack and pinion system.

  • Easy to learn and utilize, very simple to convert the plunge router to the fixed-base router.
  • All the facilities available in the plunge mode will also be intact and practicable in the pinion mode of fixed-base.
  • Heavy duty and light-weight with specific features of variable speed management, and in-depth controlling function.
  • The spindle lock is simple to set up, with just a single wrench, and automatic collet, and the wood base. Besides, the wooded dirt collector vacuum port will enhance the work environment in your workshop.
  • Moreover, the soft-start function and the speed variable feature will make the routing perfect and thorough.
  • The handle breaks down easily while doing long time heavy tasks. Further, the locking screws for the edge guides are loose.

DEWALT Router Fixed Plunge Base Router

DEWALT Router Fixed Plunge Base Router
DEWALT Router Fixed Plunge Base Router
DEWALT Router Fixed Plunge Base Router

The routing power tool brand of DEWALT has always been very popular, and a known name to hobbyists, and experts.

Moreover, as the combo is described, the router is a 12-ampere motor volt, with a 2 to 4 horsepower electronic motor speed.

Further, as well as having the high-powered motor, the motor functions with the variable speed motor adjustment for high-accuracy.

Therefore, it also consists of full feedback control to manage the speed of the router fluently while routing constantly. Also, there is a soft-start system to decrease active torque.

Furthermore, the router kit has accurate depth adjustment, spindle lock process, and vacuum port for cleansing the wood debris.

  • A router kit containing both the fixed base router and the plunge router.
  • It can precisely trim or groove cut any type of wood, using in-depth adjustment of the router bit.
  • Also, the variable speed control aids the user to route the base wood as the way planned, without stopping through the task. The user can continuously shift to the desired speed.
  • Full feedback control will measure the motor power pressure, and keep it within control to not hamper the routing.
  • Having the soft start-up function to process with the router from the very start of routing. Again the Spindle lock feature will make the procedure smoother to manage the router bit.
  • Above the table arrangement of this router, the kit is not sufficient.

TRITON MOF001 Double Mode Plunge Router

TRITON MOF001 Double Mode Plunge Router
TRITON MOF001 Double Mode Plunge Router
TRITON MOF001 Double Mode Plunge Router

Another dual precision mode plunge router from the Triton brand, which is compact and powerful for heavy-duty routing jobs.

Well, if you want a high-end 4 horsepower motor, and 13 amp plunge router for large time work efficiency, this is perfect for you. As the router can be transformed from the conventional plunge router to fixed-base mode. 

Besides, the router has a micro winder for fine depth management, soft start for a perfect startup, variable speed, and control. So, you can utilize it for versatile tasks smoothly in the full plunge mode.

Further, the rack and pinion adjustment are also very simple to change. Also with the router, you will multi-functional fence, collet wrenches of ½ inches, and ¼ inches for setting spindle lock. The table height winder will make it appropriate for table mounting.

  • Convenient for versatile usage, the variable motor is fluent to manage in full plunge mode. Again the modes can be shifted with a single button switch.
  • Interchangeable plunger spring and the automatic spindle lock engages easy, and safe routing bit adjustment using a single wrench.
  • Consist of a vacuum port feature to engage debris collector in the router. That will swiftly extract the dust from the router, and the workshop.
  • Controls 3 stage current for direct reading center scales for pre-set cut depths.
  • It does not have electronic feedback circuitry. So, the plunge motion will be undesired, and confusing if you put too much pressure into it.

Hitachi KM12VC 2-1/4 Peak HP Variable Speed Fixed/Plunge Base Router Kit

Hitachi KM12VC 2-1/4 Peak HP Variable Speed Fixed/Plunge Base Router Kit
Hitachi KM12VC 2-1/4 Peak HP Variable Speed Fixed/Plunge Base Router Kit
Hitachi KM12VC 2-1/4 Peak HP Variable Speed Fixed/Plunge Base Router Kit

Hitachi KM12VC is just the new name of the old and popular Metabo HPT router tool. It is a kit of both fixed and plunge base router tool of ¼ peak horsepower, and 11 amp motor volt. So, you will get accurate and regulating cuts and trims through this router.

Further, the router has a two-stage motor release clamp, for fast,  precise in-depth adjustment, and base adjustment.

Also, it comes with variable speed control to manage the continuous RPMs, although in different power-load. Also, the router is noise proof for a calm work environment.

Moreover, in the kit you will find two varieties of collet chuck, centering scale. Also,  gauge adapter for the template, T-hex wrench, hex-socket bolt, and sub-base plate.

  • Durable, powerful, silent motor for enhanced routing experience. Versatile speed control, adjustable motor for repeating maintenance of power load.
  • Easy to utilize with hardwood handles and collet chucks for precise routing bit set up for controlled cuts.
  • Two-stage motor release clamps for swift and measured adjustment. Again the plunge base built-in proper-depth adjustment knob makes the depth control perfect
  • Ergonomic design for router base table adjustment to increase your comfort.
  • The soft start mechanism and the electronic feedback circuitry is not available.

Makita RP2301FC 3-1/4 HP Plunge Router, with Variable Speed

Makita RP2301FC 3-1/4 HP Plunge Router, with Variable Speed
Makita RP2301FC 3-1/4 HP Plunge Router, with Variable Speed
Makita RP2301FC 3-1/4 HP Plunge Router, with Variable Speed

Makita is a promising Japanese brand for router tools and accessories. Instead of creating a router kit with a lot of add on, and equipment. It developed a combining powerful, durable, and high standard plunge router.

It has a powerful 15-amp motor which provides up to 22000 RPM for quick and fast routing. Moreover, there is an electric brake control for ensuring work-efficiency, and security.

The big, heavy-duty plunge router is long-lasting, with specific functionalities. Therefore, it has variable speed control for quick penetration in the base-wood.

Also, there-preset depth stops for swift depth adjustment makes the cutting accurate. As an add on there is the linear ball bearings for soothing plunge action.

  • It has high accuracy RPM, with variable speed control, electric motor control, and has LED light feature for clear work-visibility.
  • The ergonomic mechanism is used in this router for your well-being. Also, the handles are rubber griped for preventing your hands from slipping off.
  • The linear ball bearings in the router make the bit adjustment, plunging task smoothly.
  • Convenient plunge lock lever, and shaft lock for fluent bit adjustment and router proficiency.
  • There is a dust collector vacuum port in the router. Also, the router is quite heavy for one-handed use.

BOSCH 120-Volt 2.3 HP Electronic Plunge Base Router MRP23EVS

BOSCH 120-Volt 2.3 HP Electronic Plunge Base Router MRP23EVS
BOSCH 120-Volt 2.3 HP Electronic Plunge Base Router MRP23EVS
BOSCH 120-Volt 2.3 HP Electronic Plunge Base Router MRP23EVS

The powerful BOSCH offers us the high-end plunge router of high HP, high RMP, and 15 AMP motor potential.

 Featuring a trigger control system for depth adjustment, variable speed dial, constant response circuitry.

Also, the versatility of this router provides us with a large scale of operational applications. For example, accurate bit plunging with, depth adjustor variable speed motor, and electronic speed control.

Thus for more convenience and accuracy, the MRP23EV5 provides the always-on red led light. That will pinpoint the process with enhanced visibility.

  • Bosch plunge router is high-end, and durable due to aluminum construction on the outer body. Affluent and easy to use with an easy-grip rubber durable handler on the plunge router.
  • Smooth soft start-up mechanism will avail you of thorough management over the router from the beginning of routing.
  • The router base compatibility is top-notch for long period routing, depth adjustment function for precise woodwork.
  • Spring lock plunge lever will provide a simple base locking setup for soothing plunge routing.
  • Dust extraction vacuum port for accurate routing efficiency.
  • The depth adjustment is not quite smooth.

Plunge Routers Buying Guide


The size of the router is not trivial. However, it is still consequential enough to look into. If you are a hobbyist person creating and managing all by yourself. You must consider the size and weight of the router you can utilize.

On the other hand, if you are a dedicated pro-worker then you get the heavy, and durable routers for your woodcutting procedures. It also depends upon how much spacious your workshop is for routing.

Combination Kits

Combination kits are a great way to save money on router purchases. When shopping for a plunge router, it is essential to consider the features that are important to you. The bit size determines the width of the cuts that the router can make. If you are only planning on using the router for small projects, a smaller bit may be more desirable than a more significant bit.

  • Number of bits in the kit – A combo kit usually comes with one or more bits of different sizes. Choosing a size that will fit the project you want to complete is crucial.
  • Speed – Most routers have two speed settings – high and low – which affect how quickly the blade moves across the wood surface.


Regarding the style of a router, it is not how pretty the router looks. Therefore, a particular type of router with perquisite specification to get your woodwork complete.

Well, if you need a power tool that can adjust both ½, ¼ router bits, you must consider that style. Or for more benefit, you can pick out the router that can switch from plunge to fixed base. Regardless, the style of a router tool relies on what you highly need in your router.


Mostly the implementation of a plunge router is for professional woodworkers for the hefty task of trimming, grooves cutting, edge forming. Whereas hobbyist people are also no less tending to often use routers than manually doing the job.

Read Also: How to cut a square hole in wood

Thereby, you know at best about for what purpose you will need the router. Whether you desire to get a plunge router to work on it sometimes or frequently is up to you.

Even though you are a newbie or a pro expert, a highly configured and well-designed plunge router will always put you at ease. As it will make your task much comfortable, precise, quick, and perfect.

Work Durability

As the router task is quite complicated than average woodcutting, requiring a lot of strength, and accuracy. You must consider utilizing the best plunge router with proper work strength.

Work efficiency is not only motor power, it also includes the capabilities of your plunge router. Like, if you are doing sensitive woodcutting it will not require heavy force. But it will need appropriate strength to make the cuts, and trims accurately.


After, you are complete with comparing and selecting the last thing is to think through about budget. You need to look out for the cost of the best routers. Then see that whether, you can take the router you liked, or you need to go for another one.

However, it’s not likely that all the best plunge router for the price are quite expensive. There are quite a lot of power tools you can afford from the plunge router’s best value.

Fixed Base Vs Plunge Router – Dimensions of Routers

The Fixed Base Routers and the Plunge Routers are quite identical. Nonetheless, there are some crucial individual differences, which separate them from each other.

Relevant Article: Fixed Base vs Plunge Router: Which Is The Best

Besides, as you want to know everything about the best plunge router you must start from the basics. So, first, we will learn about the substantial difference of Fixed base Router shortly.

Like the name, fixed-base routers operate with the initial and constant cutting depth. That means a fixed base router processes in the conservative depth measure for woodcutting. Also, the router will cut through the same depth measure, you can never lower or increase the amount while processing.

However, if you need to do the routing in the deeper or upper place, you got to stop the router change the bit position then start it again to work with it. So, it is quite preferable for those who use routers occasionally.

On the other hand, the plunge routers are developed to pull off the restriction of the fixed cutting depth of a fixed base. You can simply arrange and change the cutting depth of the router while your cutting through a wood. You don’t need to stop the router and restart the task repeating the whole procedure.

Further, with the plunge router, you will just pause the router, while it’s still active. Moreover, the plunge router depth adjustment will ensure the precision of woodcutting structure and depth without any miscut. It is appropriate for those who usually do all the woodwork with their router.


Question: How Does A Plunge Router Work?

Answer: A plunge router works using variable speed, required depth, and router bits to grooves cut, design, trim base woods.

Question: How much does a plunge router cost?

Answer: The cost of the most basic router to a high-end plunge router is from $250 to $5000.

Question: What can I do with a plunge router?

Answer: We use a plunge router to make any kind of shallow or crucial patterns, shapes, inlay-designs in a piece of wood.

Question: Can you use a plunge router for edges?

Answer: To reshape or trim the edges of the base you can smoothly use a plunge router, but a router table is necessary for that.

Question: What Is A Plunge Router?

Answer: A plunge base router is a router that works by plunging down the routing bits in the base wood. While the depth and routing speed is controlled to make accurate cuts.

Question: How to Use a Plunge Router?

Answer: To use a plunge router, you need to set the variable speed, adjust the desired depth. Then install the bit into the router, lock it and start.

Final Thoughts

We researched and availed knowledge from the experts so we can help you with everything you need to know. The best plunge router and plunge router reviews consist of all the characteristics you will find necessary.

Therefore, with a plunge router, you can comfortably finish a lot of critical tasks that need thorough precision. Thus, if you still need any answers or guidelines, we will assist you with that as well.

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