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Are you going to set up a new woodworking workshop? Then the router is one of the first woodworking tools that you need. Routers have various styles. A fixed base and plunge router are two of them.

The routers have their benefits and also drawbacks. It is good to have multiple routers. But many woodworkers start with one. So this is a must to choose one.

It is an ordinary matter of choosing between a fixed router vs. plunge router. Fixed base routers and plunge routers have their own usefulness. Woodworkers can use them to get a wide range of cuts.

Fixed Base vs Plunge Router : What You Need to Know

Before deciding which one to choose, you need to know their features. You will pick which one can fulfill your needs. So let’s find the solution over the race of plunge router vs. fixed.

What Can be a Plunge Router As A Woodworking Tool

A plunge router is one of the useful woodworking tools. You may find it a bit complex for the first time. But when you are used to it, you can find it easy to use.

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Plunge routers consist of two arms. The arms are on the side of the router. This tool helps to plunge into the wood while cutting the material. To start cutting the wood, it allows woodworkers to move or plunge the cutting bit.

With this router, you can do a wide range of work. Plunge router can provide you with other control over the router. This router gives the ability to cut a bit better. You will get a pleasant experience with it.

Why To Choose A Plunge Router As A First Tool?

Plunge Woodworking Router

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Both routers have advantages in the race of fixed base vs. plunge routers.

Plunge routers are fantastic if you need the features of it. If you want to adjust the cutting bit depth, it will help you. This router has the design to work with the forced amount. While pushing the cutting bit, plunge routers work gradually.

Plunge routers also give you more control. It has fantastic collections for users. Moreover, you can control the material while moving it vertically. Plunge router gives you additional versatility. Besides, you can get mobility for these routers. Plunge router provides different depths of cutting.

Why Not To Choose A Plunge Router?

When the matter is a fixed vs. plunge router, usefulness and disadvantages come in the picture. Plunge routers also have some drawbacks. It is comparatively more expensive than the fixed base parts. It is natural to give more to get the best. Though it is unfortunate, you need to pay more to get additional versatility.

Plunge routers are the best tool for the experienced ones. This tool is not the best for beginners.

Functions of a plunge router depend on your knowledge of depth and cutting. So if you are not an experienced one, a plunge base router will not be the best for you. While working with this router, you can not use a base to control.

What Is a Fixed Router?

A fixed base router is a handy tool. It is a more accessible tool to use for woodworkers. This router is locked in on a fixed place. So you can not move the bit while cutting. Thus fixed routers provide more cutting precision.

Fixed base routers are very useful for professional woodworkers. Besides, fixed routers help to handle the large routing projects. It provides more accurate cuts. While adjusting the depth, you may not worry.

This router is always best for new workers. If you do precision work, fixed routers can be your first choice. You can do woodwork comfortably.

Why Should Choose A Fixed Router?

Fixed-Base Router

It is essential to know the usefulness of the two routers. Plunge vs. fixed router is a common trend among the woodworkers. Fixed base routers are the best for the new woodworkers. The people who are not that experienced in woodworking can use this router. This router is not a larger tool, and it can’t involve lots of materials.

You may shape the edge of the wood using this router. You can not do this with the plunge base router.

Fixed base routers are very easy to maneuver and also lightweight tools. A fixed router can give the precision feature. So you don’t need to have more experience of woodworking to use this router.

Some of popular branded fixed base router has been given below:

Why Should Not Choose A Fixed Base Router?

You need to know the disadvantages to be sure of the fact that plunge router vs. fixed base. A fixed base router doesn’t provide more versatility like plunge routers. If you need to maneuver while working, the fixed base router won’t be the best.

You can not start to cut from the middle part of the material using a fixed router. Besides, the central piece of the wood is not below the fixed bit. You can face issues while working for this.

Plunge Router Vs. Fixed Base Router

In the race of plunge vs. fixed base router, you need to determine which router is the best for you. It depends on your need while using the router. What you want from a router tool is the main thing. You need to know the requirements of the routers to choose a better one.

The plunge router and fixed router have their own usefulness. A plunge router is a great choice to adjust cut depth freely. If you need more versatility and can bear additional expenses, you should go for this tool.

On the contrary, a fixed router tool provides more accurate cuts. If you need a router that is easy to use, you can choose a fixed base router. It is also best for joinery and best for beginners. This tool will be perfect if you do not have experience in woodworking.


We tried to give you a solution of plunge router vs. fixed: what to choose in the content above. You need to check our given information as a solution. What is your choice in a woodworking router, that is the main thing?

If you are a beginner and looking for an easy tool, then a fixed router is the best for you. On the other hand, you can choose the plunge base router if you need more versatility. If you have experience in woodworking, pick the best plunge routers. Finally speaking, check out the information above. Get the best tool for your workshop.

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