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If you need a new vacuum you may be wondering how to choose the top best vacuum for tile floors. With everything from bristles that rotate to adjustable bases, you may have a difficult determining which vacuum will meet your needs.

Here’s how to choose the Top Best Vacuum for Tile Floors

Think About What Features You Need

There are quite a few features available for vacuums that are meant to clean tile floors. However, you really don’t need all of these features. Think about which ones you need for your household. Consider a vacuum where you can deactivate the brush for floors with a delicate finish. If you have areas of your home that tend to be very dirty because of heavy traffic, but others areas that don’t often have a lot of dirt, you might find a vacuum cleaner with suction control to be beneficial.

Decide Whether You Want A Stick Or Upright Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners have come a long way. When it comes to vacuums for tile floors, you need to decide whether you want a canister or upright vacuum. Canister vacuums tend to be great at vacuuming up pet hair, which is beneficial for pet owners. Stick vacuums tend to be lightweight. If you plan on using a vacuum both upstairs or downstairs, you might want to consider this type of vacuum.

Determine If You Want A Bagged Or Bagless Vacuum

The other thing that you need to consider is whether or not you want a vacuum that’s bagged or bagless. Vacuums that are bagless have a canister that collects dirt and debris. When it’s full you can easily remove it from the vacuum and dump it. Vacuums that require a bag will need the bag replaced when it’s full. You will need to spend money on bags. However, you might find it worth it as these vacuums have a stronger suction ability than bagless vacuums.

Consider The Noise

Some vacuums are quite noisy which is bothersome to certain individuals. Often times it isn’t noticeable unless you are in a small room, like a bathroom. When you are purchasing one of the top best vacuums for tile floors, consider where you will be using it. Research the model that you are interested in to find out if it’s very noisy. If it is and you plan on using it in a small room, you may need to consider purchasing a different vacuum.

Shop Within Your Budget

Chances are that you will have to stay within a particular budget when it comes time to shop for a vacuum. It’s a good idea to only look at vacuums that are within your price range so that you aren’t tempted by a vacuum that you can’t afford. The good news is that there are quite a few vacuums available for tile floors so you should have a lot of options no matter what your price range is.

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