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Before you start working on your next woodworking masterpiece, you’ll need a reliable wood router. Therefore, today, we’ll review the Dewalt DW618PKB and bring you up to date with everything you need to know about one of the top-tier wood routers in the market.

A wood router is an essential part of your inventory as you can use it to craft various objects and centerpieces. Because you can use your wood router for many different projects, you should opt for the best one. Furthermore, a wood router is an extremely versatile tool for woodworking. Therefore, if you need to rout or hollow out a small area in your wooden or plastic material, there’s no better alternative than a handy wood router.

If you need a wood router with a fixed base and plunge, the Dewalt DW618PKB is an excellent choice. It’s a great wood router for almost any task. We’ll learn more about the tool as we get deeper into our Dewalt DW618PKB wood router review.

Dewalt DW618PKB Wood Router – Is it really for everyone?   

Dewalt DW618PKB Wood Router
Dewalt DW618PKB Wood Router
Dewalt DW618PKB Wood Router

For industry-leading woodworking and construction tools, look no further than Dewalt. You can rely on their delwalt DW618 to be a top-notch wood router that scores high in all aspects.
With it, you have peace of mind since DW618PKB can be used to build high-quality custom cabinets and any other furnishings with ease.

It is the perfect router for both professionals and hobbyists as it comes with plenty of features that make it easy and practical to use at all skill levels. Furthermore, for newcomers to woodworking, the basic features of the wood router are very accessible. With enough experience, it’s easy for any beginner to quickly move onto the more advanced features this wood router offers.

As for professionals, the Dewalt Plunge/Fixed DW618 wood router easily mounts onto a router table and is ready for use almost immediately. The more advanced features of the wood router will feel like any other high-end wood router that you’re more familiar with using. Therefore, as a professional woodworker, the Dewalt DW618PKB deserves a spot in your tool inventory

  • 2-1/4 HP (maximum motor HP), 12.0 amp electronic variable speed motor of DEWALT router provides the power to rout smoothly through the toughest hardwoods
  • DEWALT plunge router features electronic variable speed with full feedback control for constant speed under load from 8,000-24,000 rpm and soft start to reduce start-up torque for enhanced control
  • Micro-fine, depth-adjustment ring provides precise depth adjustments in 1/64-inch increments and adjusts vertically for a constant switch/cordset location
  • Adjustable, tool-free, steel motor cam lock makes depth adjustment and base changes quick and solid-locking
  • Integral, through-the-column dust collection collects 95% of the dust and provides superior bit visibility
  • Quick-release motor latches for fast and easy motor pack removal for bit and base changes
  • Detachable cordset offers cordset serviceability and removes the need for a -inchshorty-inch cord motor pack
  • Precision-machined brass bushings and case-hardened steel guide rods provide a smooth and accurate plunge stroke
  • Spindle lock button allows for single-wrench bit changes
  • Clear, LEXAN sub-base provides enhanced base durability, bit visibility, and accepts standard template guide bushings

Dewalt DW618 Router Review Performance

Quite a few advantages and features make the Dewalt DW618 your ideal purchase as your next wood router. Therefore, we’ve put together this review, highlighting our experiences with the Dewalt’s DW618PKB to help you invest in the next best wood router for your work.

Variable Speed Motor

With the Dewalt DW618PKB, you have more control over your motor’s rotation speed. Furthermore, the router lets you start soft. Using the variable speed motor, we’ve managed to carve out finer details with the wood router.


The Dewalt DW618PKB generates very little noise when working at full power. This quietness of the defining characteristics of the Dewalt model DW618PKB and is easily one of its best features. Unlike other wood routers that make a lot of noise when working through a chunk of wood, it’s many decibels quieter. During regular operation, we’ve noticed that out router on hand is much quieter than other wood routers.


Despite being quiet, the Dewalt DW618PKB wood router does not lack in terms of power. Therefore, you can work your way through your latest design quickly with this wood router. If you’re looking for a bulkier router with more power, DW618PKB will fall short of your expectations. However, the DW618 from Dewalt packs enough power to handle almost anything you throw at it. During our Dewalt DW618PKB router review, we found that it’s easy to use and perfect for practically any woodworking task we had at hand. However, if you need more power, you’ll have to opt-in for a bulkier and noisier wood router.

Ease of Use

You can attach or detach the Dewalt DW618PKB wood router from your routing table at any time. Furthermore, if you need to plunge the wood router, you can do so without disconnecting the base or having to unscrew it. Just use the plunge as you see fit. If you plunge route often, consider throwing in the fence as well with your order, as it’ll come in handy.

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Furthermore, you can easily store away the cord separately from the router with the detachable power cord. Additionally, switching modes for the router and setting it up is much more comfortable than the detachable cable. Using Dewalt’s DW618PKB router, we found the detachable cord extremely useful when changing operation setups.

You can also switch between a half-inch bit and a quarter-inch bit for more delicate woodworking projects. Moreover, the half-inch bit is perfect for long-term work, and you won’t have to worry about the bit breaking.

Overall, the Dewalt DW618PKB is easy and convenient to use for all woodworking projects.

Dust Collection System

The DW618PKB has an excellent dust collection system that manages to catch about 95% of all dust you end up making as you work. Therefore, if you work out of a small space, this feature can come quite handy and help minimize the amount of cleanup you have to deal with after an excellent wood-crafting session. During our trial runs, Dewalt’s DW618PKB caught most of the dust, and we managed to clean up the remainder after wrapping up our small project.

The dust collection system is perfect for those without a proper woodworking station and needs to minimize the cleanup effort. Furthermore, if you have a small woodworking shop, you’ll have to


You can get your hands on the latest DW618PKB wood router for as low as $199.00 on Amazon for the basic kit. Ideally, you’d want to invest in the full kit to get the most out of your Dewalt DW618PKB, and this includes the dust collector attachment and universal edge guide. However, those without prior woodworking experience should settle for the base model.

The DW618PKB by Dewalt is an excellent purchase for value – if you’re a hobbyist woodworker, it’s the perfect wood router for you.

Overall, from our testing and experience, the wood router is brilliant for woodwork. Furthermore, it’s quiet, offers outstanding performance, and is very durable. Therefore, after our DW618PKB wood router review, we can’t recommend it enough to you. Regardless of your woodworking experience, it would help if you had Dewalt DW618PKB in your tool inventory.

Features and Advantages of the Dewalt DW618PKB Wood Router

The Dewalt DW618PKB comes with the following features –        

  • Speeds range from 8000 to 24000 revolutions per minute.
  • It comes in a durable die-cast aluminum body for ruggedness and easier lifting, making handheld operation more comfortable.
  • The power cord is detachable. Therefore, when you’re ready to work with the Dewalt DW618PKB wood router, get rid of the cable and start working.
  • The router’s on/off switch is dust-sealed. And so you won’t have to worry about wood grindings and dust getting into the switch and hampering the regular operation.
  • The plastic covering protects the top of the wood router, thereby preventing accidental shutoffs during work.
  • DW618PKB features a sophisticated dust collection system that traps up to 95% of the dust produced when woodworking.
  •  The sides of Dewalt’s DW618PKB wood router come with rubber over-mold handles.
  • The Dewalt Fixed/Plunge-base DW618PKB comes with a micro-fine depth adjustment – configurable up to 1/16th of an inch.
  • The wood router is compatible with two collet sizes – ½ inch and ¼ inch.

Final Thoughts – Dewalt DW618PKB Wood Router Review

After our woodworking experience with Dewalt’s Plunge-Fixed DW618PKB, we highly recommend it for hobbyists and amateur woodworkers. The router is easy to work with, packs enough of a punch to work through most projects, and has the latest features to stand out from other wood routers in the market. Moreover, it’s is easy to use and is very durable. Therefore, if you’re looking for long-term investment into a wood router for your toolbox, opt for a Dewalt DW618PKB – it’s built to last and will get you through most projects without a hitch.

If you need more power from your wood router, you can opt for the Porter-Cable 690LR. It’s an 11-Amp wood router with a fixed base. Therefore, you can use this wood router for larger woodworking projects. Furthermore, it’s always nice to have a larger wood router at hand if your smaller one isn’t up to a task. Therefore, consider buying both small and large wood routers to keep your inventory as a wood router is an indispensable tool.

Conclusion – Dewalt DW618PKB Router for Amateurs and Hobbyists

Overall, the DW618PKB model from Dewalt is an excellent wood router for amateurs and hobbyists alike. The plunge is effective and smooth, making for a more comfortable woodworking experience. And, the router generates less noise compared to other wood routers in the market. Finally, you’ll find that the build quality from Dewalt is substantially better than most wood routers out there at this price point. Therefore, before your next big project, get your hands on one of the best wood routers in the market – the Dewalt DW618PKB wood router.

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