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Router table accessories like miter fence, miter gauge, and fence, etc. are essential for woodworking. This table works vertically with a spindle of a woodworking router which is over hanged from the router table. This machine can rotate at 3000 to 24000 rpm speed. Router bits or cutter head mounts in the spindle chuck and molds a profile into it. But at first, the workpiece has to set the machine. A vertical fence includes with the table which guided the piece by its horizontal depth of the cut. For increasing the versatility of handheld routers, router table works great on it. Both combined work for both large and small piece of stationary woodworking.

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Name list of some Router Table Accessories

Here given some name list of router table accessories. Such as,

  • Router Table Fence
  • Table Mitre Fence
  • Arched Featherboard
  • Festool Extraction Set for Compact Modular System
  • Router Table Inserts
  • Router Table Insert c/w Universal Base
  • Compact Router Table Leg Stand
  • Compact Cast Iron Router Table Top
  • Double Horizontal Featherboards
  • Dust Extraction Box
  • Router Elevator
  • Support hardware
  • Router Table NVR Switch
  • Fine Fence Adjusters for Router Tables
  • Compact Mitre Gauge & Fence

All these products can be found in both local and online market, and they start from $10 to $300. If you shop at any local hardware market, you have the option of judging with your own eyes and bargain. However, many online stores do offer the money back guaranty or warranty service on particular products. So, before going to buy anything research first.

Use of Router Table and Table Accessories

There are three ways to use a router table, and in all cases, a particular accessory is utilized to through the workpiece.

First- This way requires a fence and the router partially emerging from it. The workpiece move against it and the other portion of the router (exposed portion) removes extra material from the piece.

Second- No fence requires here, but a template added with the workpiece and the router bit used along with a ball bearing guide. Here this ball bearing guide bears against the model and the router bit removes the material from the workpiece.

Third- The router table accessories pin router used here. This router had a pin in the table which can trace the part and hung the router motor. An ‘over arm’ is raised from one corner of the router table, arched over the table, and move down straight towards the pin.


When carpenters work on this router table and hand held router they work on average size or workpiece. If the workpiece is colossal, it would be hard to work in a router table. So it has to be routed to a handheld machine. On the other hand, tiny piece of workpiece does not support in the hand-held router; they need to be routed in a router table with push tool and other router table accessories.

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