When it comes choosing the best plywood router bits, you have several choices among the up cut spiral bits, down cut spiral bits, straight bits, and compression router bits. But which router bits you will use depends on the type of cutting you want. Here you will find the info about what is the best plywood router bits.

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best plywood router bitsBest Plywood Router Bits for Cutting Dados in Hardwood

If you have cabinet project and want to cut some dados, then you need the best router bits for cutting dados in hardwood plywood. To find the better edge quality, you can use up cut spiral router bits. But for the cleanest cut try down cut spiral bits. Up and down cut spiral bits have different performance levels.

Up to cut spiral router bits pull the chips up while cutting the plywood. On the other hand, down cut spiral router bits push away the chips to down while cutting. As a result, down cut spiral bits leave the upper surface clean. But you need a dust container to collect the chips if you cut dados in the house. 

Both up cut and down cut spiral router bits are expensive though they provide the best results. Amazingly, up cut spiral bits cut the best dadoes than the regular straight bits.So, down shear straight bits are most cost-effective.

Also, you can get finer finish with the straight bits. Just you need to use undersized ½ inch straight bits for ¾ inch plywood dado. While using the straight router bits for plywood dados, you will see the router bits push away the chips and waste from the edges of dadoes.

To cut the plywood by leaving both edges clean without tearing out, use spiral compression router bits. The flutes of compression router bits which have up cut and down cut sharpness.

So the flutes compress the plywood while cutting the ply from both directions. And they are leaving the cleanest edges on both sides possible. But if you don’t need clean edges on both sides, you can use down cut spiral router bits. The spiral compression router bits always provide the clean cut in cabinet grade hardwood plywood.

Undersized Plywood Dado Router Bits

Plywood doesn’t come with the exact thickness as it describes. Rather, plywood is thinner than the nominal size it indicates. Also, plywood size can vary minute to minute. So, you can’t get the perfect tight-fitting dadoes with the regular router bits.

That’s why you must find the undersized plywood router bits for perfect fitting dadoes. There are many undersized plywood dado router bits available in the market. Use undersized up cut spiral router bits or spiral compression bits depending on your need.

And get the strong dadoes assemble without a visible joint. For a ½ inch or less size dado, you can make the first cut and then move the router. And try the second cut. As a result, you will get the clean and perfect dado.

Choosing the best plywood router bits is not an easy task for the first time user. But if you at first define the type of plywood dadoes you need. Then you can easily select the perfect plywood dado router bits. But always choose the undersized plywood router bit.


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