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Spiral router bit is designed to deliver remarkable performance and resilience. Spiral router bits are made of solid carbide using the technology of metalworking industry. As a result, the spiral bit is incredibly sharp and swiftly cut through soft or hardwood, plywood, particle board or other composites boards. Spiral bits are similar to drill bits and are a great tool for plunge-cutting.  Those spiral router bits use micro-grain carbide have optimal helix design.

So they have the solid and strong body armor that reduce the vibrations. And they also persist longer time than normal spiral bits. Moreover, infinity hard carbide spiral bits uses helical spiral design and provide the smoothest and cleanest cutting possible.

Types Of Spiral Router Bits

Woodworking enthusiasts know the importance of having the right tools at their disposal. One such tool that has revolutionized woodworking is the spiral router bit. These bits come in two types – up cut and down cut. Each spiral bit has different performance quality that depends on the cutting and finishing you want. Choosing the right one between two cut router bits is pretty much depressing if you don’t understand the design.

Without looking closely to the router bits, you can’t differentiate the up cute spiral bit from the down cut spiral bit. Because both flutes run in the opposite direction. These up and down cut spiral router bits work effectively. But knowing the difference will help to select the correct on may affect your project’s performance.

Up Cut Spiral Router Bit

Up to cut spiral bit performs faster cutting while pulling the chips up. And is highly efficient of evacuating the chips from the wood it is cutting. When cutting any materials in router table up the cut bit is the better choice. Because up cut bit tends to hold the workpiece on the router table. This bit is perfect for grooving, routing deep holes, slotting, and mortise. But if you need deep holes, you have to perform multiple cuts.

Though up cut spiral router bit is ideal for many projects, there is a still minor problem. While cutting the woods, the flutes bring the chips up may lift. Also, it may fray the fibers around the boundaries of the cuts. In some case, the damage is invisible, but the edges could be visible when the project is assembled.

Down Cut Spiral Router Bit

Down cut spiral bit required if the project needs a finer finish. The down cut router bit cuts slower and pushes the chips down and leaves the top surface clean. If you want to cut through the board or to cut any pattern which requires clear vision across the cutting line of your board, then you have to choose the down cut spiral bit. It is commonly used for sizing and trimming. In the case of a line of works such as laminates, repairs, inlays, and veneers which require fine finish job need down a cut bit.

Spiral router bit has many advantages such as very clean cut, less vibration, better plunge-cutting, and direct chips up or down. But new spiral router bits which are made of solid carbide has few disadvantages as well such as high price, risky to use and limited length and diameter.

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