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By cutting wood, you can easily make any eye-catching models. To get a curve cut, you can use lots of saws. But we recommended utilizing the router tool. Don’t overthink how to get a curve cut through a router.

Here we’ll go over all the necessary stuff that you should consider to get a clean curve cut while using a router. If you are a beginner or making curved brackets or arch-top casing or anything else, you are in the right place.

As this guide will help you learn how to cut curves in wood and safely use this tool. Though many routers are available in the market, before going to a shop to purchase one, you have to know which one is perfect for your job.

So, sit tight and read on to get all those valuable information.

How to Cut Curves in Wood With a Router

How Do You Get a Curves on Wood?

To get clean wood cutting curves, you can use several tools, such as a band saw, scroll saw, a jigsaw, pivot, a router, etc.

All these tools have a circular saw used for getting a curve cut in wood as you require. Plus, it is a handheld type tool.

All holes should be parts of the diameter of types of router. For instance, if you want a 4-inch diameter perfect circle cutting jig, you have to make the 2-inch hole from the centers of your tool’s sub-base.

So, to do cut curves, you should follow a template or pattern for quickly transcribing. It would help if you made a half distance during its pivot point.

It is the simplest and the easiest way to do your job accurately. But make sure you’re protected while doing your task.

Why Should You Use a Router for Curve Cutting?

When we talk about any wood-working, undoubtedly, we say that wood router is an efficient tool. Because it gives wood the perfect square shape and finishes, you can also use it for drawing patterns, drilling the grooves, cutting the edges, and so more.

Another six ways you can use this tool as follows:

  • Getting perfect edges.
  • Make shaping stylish molding.
  • Cutting done.
  • Clean is carving out.
  • Get re-creating patterns.
  • Recessing door hinges.

There are also several types of routers in the market, coming with great operating options. But, before purchasing one for your job, you should know about them. So, let’s go through each type:

  • Fixed base.
  • Plunge base.
  • Combo type.
  • Compactor palm.
  • Heavy-duty.
  • Medium duty.
  • Light duty.
  • CNC base.

From all these types of tools, you can choose any one that is suitable for your carving job.

Most Essential Tools For Cutting Curves:

When you want to do your carving project with a router, you know what tools you need. By using those tools, you get the advantage of saving time.

Here is a list of power tools that will help you do your job Perfectly:

  • A router.
  • 1/4 in. MDF board.
  • Plastic wood.
  • Pencil.

Prepare Your Router for Start Working

After collecting all tools, now it’s time to prepare your router tool for carving. For operating your device, you have to plunge the router. Then it will help you if you mark the layout with a pencil.

There are several options to be had for making drawings. We already have recommended that you have to draw according to your job demand.

If you have to do long curves, you can use longer rulers and marks with pencil-making curves. Also, we can use templates for making a repetitive model. For getting to know in-depth how it works to cut curves, please read below.

How Will You Cut a Curve With a Router?

Here we try to describe the easiest way to cut curves in wood with a router. If you try it by following those steps, we hope you will do your job with satisfaction.

  • Cut into a circle.
  • Create a few hole circles.
  • The 1-inch drill holes on the jig.
  • Can drill holes into the block.
  • Cut a clean circle.
  • The dowels sand.
  • Place the dowels on both sides.
  • Cut curves with jigsaw and pivot settings.
  • Get your needle curve.

What Is the Right Way to Use a Router?

While using any machine for your particular activity, you should consider a few things. Don’t forget your safety. You should follow those key things while using it to cut curves.

1. Keep Yourself Safe:

If you forget to wear safety elements during your working time, you may face any harmful issue. So, give your safety priority.

  • Naturally, it makes plenty of noise, which will be dangerous for your ears.
  • The dust will harm your eyes.
  • It will also be hazardous for your hands.

So, if you want to protect yourself, then you should be wearing these things-

  • A good quality ear protector.
  • Glasses.
  • Gloves.

2. Clear the Working Area

Keeping your working area neat and clean is a general rule while using a router or any other tools. Otherwise, you may cause accidents.

A clean working place ensures you work smoothly working and are also free from extra or unnecessary tools. The most important thing is you can cut freely with this electric power tool.

3. Try to Avoid Wood Cracking

It causes wood wastage or wood pieces. To avoid wood splintering and fake carbides, you should make sure that you use perfect bits.

4. Setting the Appropriate Bit Speed

For getting your needle curve cut, you have to adjust the bit speed. It will be confirmed to get out of the router from burning and heating. And the router can give faster services.

5. A Routing Table

A routing table is an essential item when you are working with this tool. It is used for fixing a base at a particular point, reducing fatigue. A routing table is available in several sizes. You can choose one for your operational purpose.

How Can Depth Cut a Router?

Also, ensuring that set up the router bit to the proper depth. If you want to make a jig, you need a piece of wood and pick a router sub-base plastic cover.

If you have 2 inches hole circles, you should resize the pivot at 1 inch from your router base centers. Most of the people are fixing their jig and always ensure that their tool over an ideal base.

So, attaching your tools trammel wood compass with the base plate screws. And the desired radius when your device is moving smoothly.

On the other hand, you can be fixing your tool for cutting 1/4 inch depth. Because it comes with the design that you can quickly preset your router cut centers.

Essential things to consider while choosing a Router Bit

There are several types of router bits. Don’t be confused about choosing the right router bit. Here’re some things to keep in mind while choosing one –

  • Straight.
  • Rabbeting.
  • Flush trim.
  • Chamfer.
  • Edge forming.
  • Molding.
  • Stile and rail.
  • Raised panel.
  • Joinery.

All those bits come with useful features. But their speed is different. You can choose one that is suitable for your job. Good quality router bits stay sharp for a longer time.

Also, they keep well balanced with minimum vibration. So, to get a safe and smooth cut, choosing a fair router bit is very important.

Final Words

Cutting a curve with this electric power tool will be challenging for freshers. However, we’ve tried to make it easy by discussing using a router, cut curves in wood, and other vital things that you should consider while cutting an angle with a router.

Don’t forget to put on earplugs during working with it. Also, ensure to protect yourself, so you can get a clean cut within a good condition.

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