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If you are new to woodworking then, you have to learn the basics before jumping on to bigger projects. One of the basics is cutting a square hole on the wood neatly. As a beginner, this topic can be confusing. You can cut a square hole in a wooden sheet with a jigsaw, chisels, or drills. There are not too clear instructions for square cuts with routers.


In this article, we have written about how to cut a square hole in wood with a router. Please make sure to read the whole article to gain the knowledge you’re looking for.

Safety first:

Woodworking is fun and messy at the same time; it can be harmful as well; particles of wood can get in your eyes and do damage. We recommend that you wear safety goggles, a dust mask, proper working clothes, and gloves.

Also, make sure to work in an outside area if you’re working from home. If you have asthma, do not forget the dusk mask as it will protect you from the dust from your workspace.

Tools needed to work:

There are a few tools you will need other than cutting tools. Cutting tools may differ depending on your cutting method; other than that, down below, we have listed the tools you will need to work with.

  • A bold pencil and a measuring tape,
  • Sandpaper and an oscillating tool for finishing up the work,
  • A framing square,
  • A straightedge.

Process of cutting a square hole in wood with a router

Cutting a square hole in wood is pretty essential, cause it is the key step of making most of the wooden joints. You can cut a square hole with a jigsaw or chisel as well.

As a beginner in the woodworking field, the router is not a straightforward method. It requires a lot of practice to do it correctly. If you’re a beginner, the following instruction may seem a little complicated.

When to use: 

Wood Router is specially designed to cut thicker wooden sheets. So, working on a thick wooden sheet router can save you a lot of time and effort.

How to use router to make square hole in wood

the first step will be to make a square template. Make sure to be precise because the template will determine how clean the square will be, use a square dimension to construct a layout for this template. Add 0.35 inch to each line of the square template.

Before you start working, make sure there’s nothing that can distract you; distraction can lead to messy work.

Next, drill a hole on one of the corners and align the router with the square you are planning to cut. Now, it’s time to switch the router and let it cut along one of the lines. When it cuts one line, make sure to pause the router and rotate the wooden sheet to cut through another line.

Repeat this method to all of the lines to get a clean square hole.

Finishing touches:

After you have successfully cut a hole on your wood, it’s time to clean up the inner edges because a wood router will give you rounded edges to make the edges sharp; you will need the help of sandpapers. Take low grit sandpaper and start sanding the edges. Make sure not to be too hard while sanding, you may ruin the shape or size.


Woodworking takes a lot of practice and to achieve perfection; you have to know how to make a square hole on wooden sheets. If you are a beginner, then we recommend that you work on unwanted woods to perfect the work. Learn the basics before jumping on to bugger things. Fundamentals will help you to work easily and with creativity as well.

Please do not forget to work with safety. And wear protective clothes, gloves, a dust mask, shoes, and goggles. With enough dedication and practice, you will be able to work smoothly. 

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