Top 10 Best Wood Router Reviews – Expert’s Picks and Buying Guide 2019

Why did we come with our today's topic of top 10 lists of best wood router reviews? Well, there are many reasons. Let's proceed to the details.

 Ever since the first people started the dawn of civilizations, just like you and me, they have been using various tools to make their lives easy. With the advancements in science and technology, one such tool came to our doorstep which is the wood router. You can use a wood router if you want to hollow out or rout out a portion in the surface of a workpiece. As this job is carried out mostly in wood, the router used is known as a wood router. You should have no doubts that the wood router is one of the top-notch inventions for the working men. If you have one of the best wood routers then your task will be easier and enjoyable!

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Special Features

best wood router



120 Volts


best wood router



120 Volts


best wood router



120 Volts


best wood router



120 Volts


best wood router



120 Volts


Top 10 Wood Router Reviews

10 Best Wood Router Reviews & The Ideal Buying Guide: 

There are uncountable numbers of wood routers available in the market. But, how will you choose on for you? Well, our team of experts has just brought the top list for you. Whether you are a beginner or a professional woodcutter, these woodcutters are ideal in every notch. So, sit tighter and have a look on our 10 Best Recommended Wood Routers.

DEWALT DWP611PK 1.25 HP Max Torque Variable Speed Compact Router Combo Kit with LED's

best wood router

One of the best in the business, Dewalt DWP611 PK is undoubtedly a master class wood router. If you go for a combo kit, you can find your needs all combined into one package. It can manage a wide range of applications and tasks that include small cutting bevels to huge profile edges and extensive flush trim.

Moreover, the strong 1 – ¼ hp motor comes with double LED lightings for the sake of the ease of working. It comes in both plunge and fixed bases, but if the user wants, he or she can opt for a fixed based one only.

The variable control of speed allows you to manage the device in a better way and regulate the speed according to your needs. The grip is contoured and low, close to the working surface which makes the work precise and productive.

The adjustment ring will give you depth changes up to 1/64” in a controlled way. Having soft starting motor translates into the maintenance of motor speed through the cut. Supplied with Wrench, standard fixed base, operating manual and LEDs in the box, the DEWALT DWP611 PK compact wood router comes with 3 years limited warranty.

All the wood router reviews make it a top-notch choice for you that you can keep for your tasks.

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Highlighted Features

Powerful Motor

Automatic Motor Functionality

Smooth Cut


Shaft-Lock Feature


  • Performs toughest cutting task.
  • Maintain the same motor speed throughout the cut.
  • Offers visible operation.
  • Powerful motor performance.
  • Comes in a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Perfect for small projects.


  • Parts get melted when running for a longer period.

Bosch 1617EVSPK 12 Amp 2-1/4-Horsepower Plunge and Fixed Base Variable Speed Router Kit

best wood router

If you are looking for a versatile good wood router from our wood routers reviews, then Bosch 1617EVSPK might just be the right choice for you. It is a plunge and fixed base variable speed router kit which consists of enhanced speed control mechanics, a powerful motor, accuracy bases and many other exciting features that will come in handy for you to get the task in hand completed in an accurate and fast way.

Having 2.25 Horse Power to drive the 12 amp motor with the rpm range of 8000 – 25000, Bosch is a powerful machine. To reduce your troubles of the starting buildup of torque, this device comes with a soft start.

In order that you can match the speed to the workpiece, the speed dial can be set according to your variable needs. When it is under load, the constant response circuit maintains the constant speed. This double insulated router has a fixed base with holes threaded to mount router tables.

To keep your safety, the power switch is dust sealed. To make it easier for you to carry all the included items, it has compartments with rugged carrying case. Both of the ½” and ¼” collet chucks have self-releasing features. Overall, it is one of the best router woods that you can ask for! Read Full Review.

Highlighted Features

Depth Adjustments


Sturdy Construction

Easy Set Up



  • Allows soft start and micro-fine depth adjustments
  • Perform the toughest routing job
  • Powerful 2.25 HP/12 Amp motor
  • Let the user set optimal speed for the routing task and material
  • Comes in a comfortable and secure grip
  • Offers cleaners and accurate routing results


  • The alignment design is poor
  • Sometimes base gets stuck on motor

PORTER-CABLE 690LR 11-Amp Fixed-Base Router

best wood router

Many of us want something reliable to work with. If you are someone looking for reliability then you can opt for the Porter Cable 690 LR 11 Amp fixed base wood router. It comes with 3 years long period of warranty which makes it very reliable.

Built in the USA, Porter Cable is strong in its performance due to the single speed, 11 amp motor generating 1 to ¾ of peak hp to get the job done. The cam lock lever allows coarse adjustments of height so that it can deliver steady and constant performance.

Weighing only 9.4 pounds, this is a machine easy to work with and to carry around. Built with aluminum base and motor housing, the robust structure of Porter Cable is machined for precision.

A micro depth adjustor is used in the device to make sure that the work is accurate. The ergonomic design and fast removal of the wood bits make it a stable and comfortable machine for the users. There is an under table stopper fitted which prohibits the motor from going out of the base even inadvertently.

During long tasks, the ergonomic grips will keep your hands in comfort. So, this machine has all the things needed to be a useful working tool according to the wood router reviews. Read Full Review.

Highlighted Features

Powerful Motor

Sturdy Construction



  • Powerful motor with 11-amp
  • Sturdy design and construction
  • Fastest performance
  • Smooth routing
  • Easy height adjustments and motor release


  • Depth adjustments are not that easier

PORTER-CABLE 7518 Speed-matic 15 Amp 3-1/4 HP Fixed Base 5-Speed Router

best wood router

Another wood router product from the famous PorterCable, which is being highly praised is their 7518 Speedmatic 15 amp 3 – ¼ hp fixed 5-speed router. This is a machine ideal for even the toughest of applications.

The 15 amp motor is a powerhouse which can plow through the given tasks. Its 5 speed electronic motor settings having 10,000, 13,000, 16,000, 19,000, and 21,000 rpm gives the users powerful routing experience. These settings allow several router bits for the sake of applications and cutting diameters.

Machined with precision, using aluminum alloy motor base and housing, this wood router has dust sealed switch to improve the durability of the tool. Sealed ball bearing adds to this feature.

Weighing 14.5 pounds, 3.25 Horsepower packed in a fixed base tool with dual power sources in the forms of corded-electricity, is something you can rely on. You can have a 30 days certification of performance and a limited 1-year warranty which is effective from the date of buying it.

If anything wrong happens with the performance of the tool, Porter Cable will amend or change any part or parts of the product or the entire product. As it uses the same ½” and ¼" collets of the 690 series, you can operate your machine with one of those too. Grab one of the best wood routers, if you think this is what you need! Read Full Review.

Highlighted Features



Motor Speed

Functional Bottom


  • Easy to adjust
  • Motor remains in constant speed even in under full load
  • Perfect for toughest applications
  • Its soft start feature reduces the vibration when you start it
  • Easy removal process after you've done routing for its auto-release collet function


  • Doesn't work ideally for raised panel cutters

DEWALT DWP611 1.25 HP Max Torque Variable Speed Compact Router with LED's

best wood router

Weighing only 5.5 pounds, Dewalt DWP611 provides great visibility, control, and performance. The applications it can operate range from cutting small bevels to trimming heavy flush. Powered by alternating current (AC), the voltage of 120 volts and the powerful 1.25 horsepower motor is strong enough to deal with most operations.

The dual LED lights make the job more conveniently done. Originally built in Mexico, Dewalt DWP611 has excellent wood router reviews in It combines ergonomic attributes, comfort, power, and innovative design altogether into a machine which delivers superior control, visibility, and total performance.

The dual LED lights present in the fixed base and the clear sub-base enables the user to have maximum visibility while using the Dewalt DWP611. The variable speed control can assist the user to manage the speed of the device according to the requirements of the task in an effective way.

The sub-base is in the shape of a D, which offers more stability, strength, and flatness when you are running edge profiles.

The spindle lock is designed to complement the operations by having a large button which can be triggered by the same hand that is used to keep the router stable.

All these features make it the best wood router for you that you can keep for your tasks. You can buy it from Amazon at only 119.99 dollars and the shipping will be done for free.
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Highlighted Features

Powerful Strong

Variable Speed

Cutting Performance



  • Applicable for both advanced and beginners task
  • Maintains the same motor speed throughout the cut
  • Offers maximum clear visibility
  • Comfortable grip insecure forms for the over-molded rubber handles
  • Its motor can turn into fixed and plunge bases whenever needed


  • It gets overheat due to excessive use

DEWALT DW618B3 12 Amp 2-1/4 Horsepower Plunge Base and Fixed Base

 DEWALT has its own reputation to make the tools for the professionals and beginners.  Most of the professional have used DEWALT tools once in a life. It's not a surprising fact if some professional only use DEWALT tools for their application task. Now, moving to our DEWALT plunge base and fixed base wood router which can meet with all the needs of your routing.

This DEWALT wood router has especially the three bases to handle to let you do multiple tasks.  If you're a professional person, then this one is just perfect for you. Its fixed base, plunge base, and D-handle base offer the best handling with accuracy. Some people have confusion about D-Handle mechanism. Well, D-Handle combines the trigger functionality with the locking mechanism.

A wood router's motor power is the most important part as the whole efficiency depends on the motor's power capacity. If you need routing a big wood then the power capacity must be checked. There is nothing to worry about this DEWALT DW618B3's motor power as it comes with 2.25 HP 12-amp. So, you get the variable speed with the maximum power capacity. Hence, you can do the extra heavy woodwork in a convenient way.

Being a wood router user, you already know that the soft starting is very much needed to increase torque rotation to control in a better way.

This top-rated router comes with standard textbooks manuals for operating the router properly. 

Highlighted Features

Dust Collection




  • Variable speed motor
  • Easily cut the harder and bigger woods
  • Easily controllable under 8000 to 24000 rpm
  • Dust collection system works fluently
  • Sturdy construction


  • Sometimes the trigger switch stiffs

Bosch Colt Palm Grip PR20EVSK 5.6 Amp 1-Horsepower Fixed-Base Variable-Speed Router with Edge Guide

Are you searching something so eligible and smart in size? There are many available good wood routers out there but the perfect size isn't very easy to get always. The BOSCH PR20EVSK is one of the smartest routers of all for its unique design and size.

Though, it is small in size but always perfect for heavy duty work. Among all the most famous brands, BOSCH is always in the top pick for many. This router can be considered in the smallest routers' categories but you can't underestimate its power level for being smallest. It offers the highest power like the bigger ones.

This router wood is coming with a motor speed of 5.6 amps. Its speeds vary from 15,000-3500 0 rpm. So, there is nothing to get troubled by the slow power capacity.

There are many wood routers that cause a problem like unable to maintain speed under load. But, there is no such problem in this routing machine. It maintains the same speed under load. So, a user gets the maximum power efficiency.

One of the great features that most of the users love about it is its maximum handling capacity during trimming. Even there is always the higher capacity of slot cutting, window cutouts, and decorative pieces. You are also getting the depth adjustments in addition to doing the manual finger support pockets.

If we talk about its durability then it is made of aluminum that offers the highest ability to endure heavy tasks.

There is a soft grip that comes with this router wood that offers the best comfort level when you're holding it.

The router comes with the complete kit of drop-forged collet and shaft wrenches, straight-edge guide fixed base. You are also getting collet and base with this router model.

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Highlighted Features

Powerful Motors



Easy To Operate


  • Variable speed motor
  • No start-up torque and soft start
  • Always maintain speed under load
  • Handle overload protection
  • Easy to move the motor and quick clamp system to work on the various areas


  • No visibility option. So, you can't see how your work is going on

DEWALT DW618PK 12-AMP 2-1/4 HP Plunge and Fixed-Base Variable-Speed Router Kit

As we already know DEWALT is one of the famous tools company in today's market. And if we look at the online marketplaces like Amazon or other popular online markets, then we can see there are higher number people buying DEWALT tools for its special functionality and durability.

Do you want the most of the profit from your router? Well, your money has value and we know how much it means to you for getting a good wood router. So, it is one of the best picks for you if you want to really value your money. Since you are getting all the qualities of an expensive wood router in this cheaper one.

It has got 1.13 hp machines that cat rotate from 16000 RPM to 27000 RPM. When you operate it at the lowest speed, it produces 0.37 pound-feet of torque. So, you are getting the features of the torque goes down whenever you set the maximum RPM.

This DWP611PK comes with the fixed and plunge base. That means the fixed base lets you chop up to 1.5 inches deep. And the plunge base lets you cut up to 2 inches deeper. So, you are getting the deeper cut with the maximum depth range.

If we exactly want to talk about depth adjustment then this routing machine lets you set the increments depth of 1/64th of an inch. So, it ensures you the 4 times more precise changes to make in the routing while doing application task.

Are you a professional craftsman? Well, then you will be highly glad to know the fact that this one is one of the best picks of our today's list. People out there who think that "what wood router should I buy" can buy this one definitely.

It has the 1.25 HP motor powers that provide the smoothest work of all time. Its soft pushing while you start the machine gives the most functional feedback. So, the router machine maintains the same speed till cutting.

This router machine is designed with variable speed function that helps you to change motor speed naturally according to the need.

Highlighted Features

Motor Power

 Speed Control

Clear Visibility



  • Powerful power of the motor
  • Available sizes of collets for improved versatility and bit retention
  • Depth adjustments are vertical
  • Dust collection system collects 95% of dust
  • Clear visibility for LED


  • Not ideal for cutting hardwood
  • Bigger routing bits can burn your workplace

Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router

All those beginners out there are going to love this Makita RT0701C. It is one of the most convenient and easy to use the wood router. People, who don't know how to use the router machine to chop wood, are going to love this.

Its 1-1/4 horsepower motor with a variable speed controlling ensures the maximum power capacity.

There is an additional feature that enables you to enjoy the same speed control under load. That means you will get a soft start feature for smooth start-ups.

It's one of the most durable wood routers for your need. This RT0701C is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum motor housing that lets you do toughest wood routing with no fear of breakage.

There is a quick release cam lock system which enables easy depth adjustments to remove base or installation.

If we move on to its fine depth adjustments system then the racks are easy to read. So, you can even easily handle the routing machine for a professional level of performance.

One of the best perks of this router is its design. This has the slimmest design of all wood routers. It only weighs for 3.9 lbs. Its durable flat design allows you to move it easily.

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Highlighted Features






  • The motor is 15 amps that can produce 22000 rpm
  • Same variable speed control
  • Plunge bases are lockable that makes easier to target
  • Effective depth adjustments system for precise settings
  • Sturdy construction with minimal design


  • No available guideline for the plunge base

Bosch 12 Amp 2-1/4 HP Variable-Speed 1617EVS with 1/4-Inch and 1/2-Inch Collets

This is another Bosch router wood machine that has the 2.25 hp motor with both base plunge and fixed. So, you are getting the best cutting performance.

Did you know that this router machine can handle both wooden and rubber handle? Well, this is the best peak of this router wood which has the feature to handle fixed base using the wooden handle, and rubber handle by plunge base.

Its construction can easily maintain the heavy work as it has got the most powerful outer base made with best quality aluminum. So, this router machine doesn't get heated easily. In e meanwhile, less heat production means less durability.

You can easily change the speed feature according to your work's nature. All you need is to press the dial button and change the settings according to the wood surface.

Most of its users get surprised for the speed range. Its speed range is available from 8000 to 2500 rpm. So, you are getting the highest work performance smoothly using it.

Highlighted Features

Motor Power




  • Eligible for multiple wood type
  • User-friendly performance
  • Performs heavy work
  • Rugged and sturdy construction
  • Optimal speed setting system


  • Technically it doesn't have any issue yet

What Is Actually A Wood Router? 

Digging into many dictionaries, you may find out many definitions of a wood router. But, they are not enough to introduce this most important tool of the tools world. Among all the tools, a wood router has its own features, specialties, and working ways.

A wood router is a tool that is being used to hollow out a specific area of wood or plastic.  Wood routers are operated by handheld or fastened.

This is a hand tool which comes with a board base and a narrow sharp blade. It has a built-in electric motor which offers the maximum work performance. The more the power of the motor is the more splendid work you are going to get. There are many sizes of it. But, particularly, they are mentioned as larger, smaller, and combined. Most of the craftsman should have both large and small ones for a different kind of application task. If you can't afford both then you must have to take combined routers as they can fulfill the needs of large and smaller ones.

Why Does Wood Router Being Used? 

As this is a tool, so this is mostly used for creating decorative things, cutting inlays, trimming wood, cutting rabbets, cutting screw threads and traditional joints. There are many other reasons to use it professionally and occasionally.

Who Does Need A Wood Router?

Obviously, a school going boy or girl won't need this tool. Most of the time people who are craftsmen and those who do some decorative or innovative type of works tend to buy the wood router. So, ask yourself first "Do I need a wood router?" Depending on the answer, go for it. But, we would suggest you buy one. Who knows when it just comes handy?

Do I Need A Good Wood Router For Myself? 

Well, the answer is pretty obvious. This is one of the most versatile tools that can perform many application tasks. If you are supposed to do any carpentry work of your home, then a wood router has no choice.

Types of Wood Routers

There are two types-Plunge routers and Fixed Base routers. However, some have the characteristics of both the routers. They include a fixed base and also another base to make plunge cutting. Buying these dual routers actually help to reduce the cost of buying each of the individual types and these dual ones are most recommended in various wood router reviews.

1. Plunge Routers

The wood routers used to cut a plunge are known as plunge routers. They are more versatile than the fixed based ones. They enable the change of bit depth while the device is being operated. To do that, simply release a lock and move up or down the spring head.

They are good for beginning or halting a cut which is far from the edge. An adjuster like a turret can be put to use to bring the bit to three points which are pre-set.

2. Fixed Base Routers

The wood routers used to cut a plunge are known as plunge routers. They are more versatile than the fixed based ones. They enable the change of bit depth while the device is being operated. To do that, simply release a lock and move up or down the spring head.

They are good for beginning or halting a cut which is far from the edge. An adjuster like a turret can be put to use to bring the bit to three points which are pre-set.

3. Combination Routers

A combination or combo router or kit is made up using both of the above systems. They are interchangeable according to your task performing needs. Though their initial costs seem higher than each of the above, combination routers are actually the best wood routers, being more cost effective compared to buying each of those separately.

Available Sizes of the Routers

Depending upon the power rating and size of the routers, they can be divided into 3 kinds:

1. Small or Laminate Trimmers
These operate on less than 1 horsepower, useful for carrying out light tasks.

2. Medium Trimmers
These range from 1.25 HP to 2.25 HP. They are the most frequently used routers.

3. Large Trimmers
Using more than 2.5 horsepower's, these routers are used for heavy work only.

Choosing The Best Wood Router/Buying Guide

Instead of making an analysis depending on the best wood router reviews, you should at first, have a basic idea about the various kinds of routers. You should consider these following factors before choosing the best wood router:

Your experience is an important factor to buy a wood router.  If you are a beginner, you should not be spending in advanced and expensive models. You should start off with a small router preferably near about 1 horsepower. As you become more experienced and confident with your work, you can go for the advanced ones.

Your router should be based on your need. If you need to do light work, a small router should be good enough. For heavy duty, you need the best wood router suitable for that kind of task.

Usage Quantity: 
Whether you will use the router every day or not is a considerable factor. If you would like to use the router occasionally then you don’t a heavy wood router.

Combination Router Is Always An Ideal Pick:
If you have any confusion regarding which kind of router to buy, go for the combination routers. In that way you will not be losing anything, rather you will be getting the best of both routers.

Power Cord:
The power cord should be at least 8 feet in length so that you can have enough flexibility when you are working on a task.

Amperage Draw:
Do not think that a high horsepower is everything! Rather, go for the best wood router that has amperage draw.

Soft Start:
You should make sure that the wood router comes with a Soft Start. This will stop your hands from jerking and you will keep more control.

Variable Speed:
Look for electronic variable speeds if you want better controlling and smoother cutting.

Stopping System:
For the plunge routers, having a stopping system is a must. If possible, go for the multi-turret stop.

Depth Controlling:
Controlling the depth is an unavoidable requirement for the plunge routers.

The switch on/off buttons, regulatory control switches, and plunge levels should be located in a convenient location where they can be used for safety purposes.

Dust Collection System:
Routers that have advanced dust collection can do the job in a neater and clean manner.

Adjustment of the router table is an issue to consider.

Bit Capacity:
The bit capacity should be high in order to have better performance.

Smooth Performance:
The router should have smoothness while it is operational. The size of the collet matters as it determines the cut.

Subtle Accessory Fence:
The accessory fence should be strong enough to withstand the working load. The cost of the router should be suitable to your task requirement and budget.

Advantages of Using Wood Routers

The best wood router has many advantages to their name. Some of the most common advantages are stated below:

Waste Reduction to a Minimum Point

Wood routers are accurate enough to lessen the cost that you wasted on the dust. While working with the routers, the accruing of large piles of wooden wastage can be stopped and money can be saved.

Precision and Quality

If wood routers are used, a large number of wooden tasks can be completed in a short time, with precision and flawlessly. The chances of errors decrease with their usage.

More Productivity

The wood routers are suitable to give superior accuracy and quality in the work. Moreover, the can be used for mass production in order to assist in reducing any unnecessary costs which will might occur if manual labor is used. Also, the margin of human error gets reduced by the best wood routers.

Flexibility and Ease of Work

A wood router is a flexible piece of machinery; it can be operated by a beginner as well as a professional. Once someone gets acquainted with the basics of using it, a wood router is quite an easy tool to operate.

Worker Safety

Wood routers are devices which can provide safety to the people who work using it following the guidelines. These can actually reduce the hazards of cutting machinery which is involved in other mechanisms.

 Maintenance of Wood Router

From this review, we know that just like any other piece of machinery, the best wood router requires some care to be taken so that it can keep running properly. The user should know that even the best wood router can tear out at any time, anywhere.

This usually occurs when the router is moving against the grains of a curve. However, there are some more technical issues that happen to a router. One needs to check, repair or replace the following components in order to maintain the wood router:

Bits: As the bit is the place where most of the task is performed, this requires the most alert, care, and maintenance. When the router is being used continuously, grime, pitch and dirt start to gather in the carbide edges of the bit.

While these form a layer, the bit gets heated up when it works and gradually it loses its sharpness. To get rid of this problem, regularly use a brass brush to clean the bit with cleaning solutions and make the edges sharp.

Collet and Shaft: As it is the contact point of the router and bit, it needs a good look. If dirt, corrosion or dust can enter the places, they will lessen the effectivity of the collet to grip or release the shank. This might cause the bit to either slip or to get stuck.

So, you should give the retaining nut and the collet a solvent bath. You should use a brush to clean the inside end of the shaft.

Base: If the base of your router is waxed, it will make sure that the movement of the router is smooth and even on the surface of the wood.

Brushes: If there is excess sparking happening in the motor of the router and the power is reduced, then the brushes are the cause of the problem. You need to change the brushes if you want to fix this.

How to Use It? 

There are many people who want to know the exact way of using a wood router.  Let’s heed to the procedure.

  • First of all install bit of the router that you want to use after loosening the collet. You can do this by turning out the nut of the collet moving counter clockwise.
  • Now, you can insert the desired bit just by tightening the collet.
  • Turn the nut clockwise.
  • Then you just need to clam the base.
  • Loosen the slide to get the accurate depth of the router body.
  • Now, re-clamp the body in place.

You’re all set to turn on the router. Before you start your task, you can check out the depth of the bit using a scrap piece of wood. You can even make the correct measurement of height using fine adjustment if necessary.  Now, start routing the wood pieces just moving it from left to right.

How Depth Cut Affects Accuracy? 

There is nothing to worry about depth as depth cut too much. But sometimes, you can see the highest half inch of the difference compared to models. So, the depth cut makes any huge difference. Since you know that you can run multiple passes to get the desired depth you need.

If we talk about adjustment mechanism then it makes difference to the depth. So, you need to look at the accuracy on which you want to work. However, make sure for which to work – 1/64th or 1/128th of an inch. Your work will be the reflection of the accuracy. So, you need a higher level of accuracy if you want to make joints. But, 1/64th of an inch is suitable for making the edges or normal type of work. 

Torque VS Horsepower VS RPM- Which One Is Better?

Every wood router has a common component that is RPM, horsepower, or torque. All these have different work capability and quantity according to their ability. 


There is nothing so the difference in power rating if we look into every router's horsepower rate. Horsepower is the rate of how much force your router’s motor produces. It doesn’t affect on the cutting power directly.


It's a force which helps the motor to produce rotation energy. For example, the more torque a motor has, the more motor will perform the routing task smoothly.


RPM plays a great role in the speed of the routing. But, RPM is mostly associated with torque efficiency.


DEWALT DWP611PK has 1.25 horsepower when Hitachi KM12VC has 2.25 horsepower. So, you are thinking Hitachi KM12VC has more cutting power. But, that’s wrong. Why?

The comparison depends on all of them. Like, DEWALT DWP611PK’s speed range is 16,000-27,000 RPM where Hitachi KM12VC 8,000-24,000 RPM. That means, the DWP611PK produces more power energy and torque than Hitachi KM12VC though KM12VC has more horsepower.

Now, you’re probably clear. When you’re about to buy a router machine, just making sure you’re checking all these three will benefit you in every way. 

Things That You Didn’t Know You Can Do With Router

Before you buy something, you always have to know its multiple uses. Like, a tool won’t benefit you much if you buy that for a single project. Now, we’re going to talk about multiple things that you never knew you could do with a router wood.

Edge Rounding: 

There are much time arise when a craftsman needs to make a rounded edge. But, that's not the concern for you. If you want to make a table, bench, chair, shelf, or a nightstand then you must need a square or round edge. How to draw those edges? Well, rounded edges are more critical to draw then square ones. People who have children at home don't have any alternative without getting round edges to their interior pieces.

Making Frames: 

Do you have so many family pictures that you want to get framed? Well, buying frames from the market need a huge budget. As the frames are not going to come at a cheaper price, so what is the alternative? Well, you can create a picture frame using a beveled edge and router. There is available handy picture making frames tutorials in Google. You can search and follow some good ones. 

Cutting Board: 

Did you know you can make a cutting board using a router? We bet that you didn't know and you are surprised now for this fact. If you have a rectangular piece of wood then you can make a cutting board. All you have to do is to make the edges rounded off the board. You can choose the maple, cherry, walnut, and teak woods for the cutting boards. These are the best kinds of woods for every kind of board cutting. So, making a cutting board needs nothing more than a wood piece and a router. All you’re ready to avoid extra expense to buy a cutting board next time.

Make A Sign: 

As you have known how to make a cutting board, then making a sign is just a step away. You can make sign designs for your home plate, house number, restaurant nameplate, or school door sign. Some people even love to design their business sign on their own. All you need is a cutting board and a top rated wood router. First of all, draw a design on the cutting board and then use a round nose, and a square end router bit for hollowing out to shape the letters. You can use other bits to carve twisted designs. If you want to make the edges round then make sure you are using edging bit.

Door Hinges: 

There is no need to rush to the craftsman when you need to make hinges on the doors or cabinet. You can do it yourself. Just get a wood router and using several bits and jigs make the perfect hinges on the doors. You can turn your old cabinet into a door attaching raised panel doors using a wood router by yourself.

 Wood Router Safety

A wood router is a sharp cutting device and it should never be neglected as a dangerous hazard. One should remain cautious and maintain these few tips from the best wood router reviews to keep safe with a wood router:

  • One should never hold the workpiece in their hands while using a free bit. To protect the hand, it is needed to fit a guard on the table.
  • A router which is in contact with a wood bit should never be started or stopped. It might damage or bend the wood router. Before keeping it down, you should wait for the bit to stop.
  • Check the wood workpiece for visible damages and keep it in the collet in such a way that ¾ the of the workpiece inside the collet.
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    Routers are fast turning and cutting machines which release dust and chips while being noisy. To protect your eyes and ears, wear protective gears like goggles and earplugs while working with it.
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    While operating on tiny parts, do not forget to use a coping sled or similar slider for the sake of your safety.
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    Always use the router in the direction opposite to the bit rotation. This will give you good control over the machine.
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    If the router needs any adjustments, you must turn off or unplug the router at first. The parts should be tightened securely before you restart it.
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    Ensure that the wood piece is kept secured on the working table when you use the router in free hand.
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    Using router bits that are fitted with ball bearing pilots that can cut the proper width without the assistance of an edge guide are always a safer option.
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    While working with the router, inspect it in cases of any unusual vibrations or noises.

Final Words

To sum up, we can say that you can never choose the best wood router as the perfect one! From the best wood router reviews, it is clear that every router has its pros and cons. It is up to the user to decide which features attract him and which do not. You will definitely find some of these instructions useful for your selection, safety, and maintenance of the wood router. We hope that we could be of help to you!