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The PR20EVSNK Colt variable-speed palm-grip router kit from Bosch, with its compact size and amazing performance, is a very versatile tool. You can’t say it’s just a laminate trimmer but is ideal in various ways. Whatever you want to do with it, hinge mortising, window cutouts, edge forming, trimming deck planks, slot cutting, dovetailing or decorative inlays, you can expect the perfection from it.

The Bosch pr20evsnk colt installers kit has come with a Palm-grip design with Soft Grip, which makes it the most comfortable router in its class.

Apart from that, it also has enough power for any task and easier to use than larger routers. You will be impressed with experience that Bosch even covered the small details, with all the contents of this kit, it is just ideal for all router users.

Bosch PR20EVSNK Review

While the Colt can’t precisely execute every routing task and it needs a small routing job, or for those who physically may not be capable enough to handle a large router, this can be a terrific woodworking tool for them.

Important Features of Bosch pr20evsnk colt

Ergonomic Features for Comfort and Reliability

The Bosch pr20evsnk can ensure you a comfortable and straightforward operation. To provide the user adequate job flexibility, it has standard 1/4-inch bits with a maximum effective diameter of 1-5/16 inch. A front spindle lock on the motor will make it more convenient for you by making one-wrench bit changes easier, but there is also a shaft wrench included for those who are comfortable to use two wrenches.

For easy access, the speed dial is conveniently installed on top of the tool body. You may consider it as a bonus as the motor housing has a rubber over-molded, palm-shaped grip which allows for solid, one-handed operation.

Constant Response Circuitry

Bosch’s innovative “Constant Response” circuitry is also the most attractive feature of the pr20evsnk, which maintains speed under load for overload protection and constant performance. Its principle is to detect tough loads and then increase power to preserve the selected RPM. While you can keep working with solid speed, you can comfortably concentrate to control the router. Consequently, you will have clean, burn-free cuts.

It has a quick-clamp system, which allows the motor to be comfortably adjusted and moved from base to base. An angled cord exit puts the router’s cord safely out of the work area.

  • The Bosch Colt comes with all the necessary wood router accessories
  • Small, but powerful variable-speed motor
  • It has protected finger support pockets to ensure off-hand guidance of the router.
  • The router is engineered with amazing depth adjustment to ensure precise results.
  • It is supplied with three bases which make it adapt to any job, whether it is large or small.
  • The Spindle Lock on the motor may slip from time to time, which may make the collar loose.
  • While routing edges, a small base will force the user to be extra careful not to tip router.

Frequently Asked Question

How loud is the Bosch PR20EVSNK Colt installers kit fixed-base router?

Answer: The Bosch PR20EVSNK Colt installers kit fixed-base Router has a noise level of 74 dB. This Router is lower than the average noise level of 80 dB, so it may be quieter than some routers. This Router is a high-quality tool designed to make wood trim installation and routing easy.

Reviewers have found that the Router is very noisy, which may be a problem if you try to use it in a quiet environment. However, this may not be the best option if you’re looking for a quiet router.

Is the tool comfortable to hold?

When purchasing a router, one of the most important factors is how comfortable it is to hold. The Bosch PR20EVSNK Colt Installers Kit Fixed-Base Router is an excellent option for those who want a tool that is easy to use and comfortable to hold.

This Router’s slim design makes it easy to grip and control. Additionally, the precision machined base provides stable support while routing. Whether you are a first-time router user or an experienced contractor, This Router will make your project easier and more efficient.

Summary On Bosch PR20EVSNK

In this Bosch PR20EVSNK review, we have mentioned all the things to like and dislike about this product.

We think that it can be a solid choice for both professionals and DIY workers. It includes the most potent motor allowed in small routers and can be used for different workloads.

Qualities like variable speed control, soft-start, soft-grip, ability to maintain RPM even under heavy workloads, the included material for different work types, and a one year warranty make it a solid choice.

No product is perfect, and the Bosch PR20EVSNK is not as well. If you need a more powerful router, you can find a more significant and powerful router out there. It can get quite hot while using it.

But, considering its upsides and downsides, we think that if you do not require an extremely powerful router, you can consider this a suitable option for your workshop.

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