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Trim routers are great for their lightness but they are not suitable for many heavy and critical woodworks. And that is why I am here to help your troubles with the best corded compact router.

Woodworking using Trim Routers requires a lot of things to work with woods for a long duration. However, using corded compact router for a wood project helps out a lot.

Moreover, for hobbyist woodworkers and professional woodworkers, things get tough and rough without the right woodworking routers. Therefore, it gets very easier for them to work on projects efficiently with top-notch corded compact routers all day long.

Therefore, I will help you know about the top 6 corded compact routers in 2022 with detailed reviews along with buying guidelines.

Top-picks of Best Corded Compact Routers for Professionals

As you are looking for the best compact routers, I will introduce you to some of my personal top choices. Well, we know that the wood router is the main power tool for DIY woodworkers and craftsmen.

We, wood craftsmen, need to do a lot of tasks in wood projects like sizing and connecting the grooves and joints. As well, as precisely engraving smooth surfaces, fabricating, profiling, and many more. And that is where we most likely need a high-end compact router to get the best outcomes.

Further, hobbyist craftsmen and professional woodworkers think a bit differently when it comes to choosing the proper woodworking routers. Well, in both cases compact routers are the best choices so far. Therefore, by compact corded routers, I am referring to the palm corded and trim routers as well.

So, here are the top choices of the best corded compact wood routers, I will give a review of –

  1. Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact RouterThe best choice for performance and speed-control corded compact router.
  2. AVID Power 6.5-Amp 1.35 HP Fixed Base Compact RouterBudget-friendly and high-powered fixed base corded electric compact router.
  3. Bosch Colt 1 HP Electronic Variable-Speed Palm Router – Great variable speed fixed base Bosch Laminate Trimmer.
  4. Ridgid 5.5 Amp Corded Compact Trim RouterBest small trim router with Micro Adjust dial R24012+ sander for quick woodworking.
  5. DEWALT Plunge Base for Compact Router (DNP612)High-quality cordless plunge base compact router with additional features.
  6. Ridgid Corded Compact Power Trim Router Renewed –  More refined and easier to use for better precision in woodwork projects.

Reviews of The 6 Best Corded Compact Routers – with Pros and Cons

Now comes the time you check out my honest and thorough reviews of the top 6 corded compact routers.

Afterward, you will also acknowledge some proper guidelines which will help you get the perfect compact router for your woodwork.

1. Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router – Fixed Base Router Tool Kit

Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router


  • Features: Longer efficiency, power, speed, run time, guide, additional trimming base, variable speed mechanism, and so on. ml
  • Type: Combo of plunge base, trim base, and offset base.
  • Motor: 6.5 Amp
  • No Load Speed: 10,000 to 30,000 RPMs (1.25 Horsepower)
  • Includes: Straight edge Guide, Additional Bases, Spanner Wrench (781039-9, 781011-1), 1/4″ Collet, and the kit accessories.
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Powerful and Efficient Router

For professional use, the Makita Compact router is one of the best choices for impressive performance and outstanding results.

As this kit has all of the possible bases, accessories, edge guides, chargers, and additional batteries. Even if it is smaller than other compact routers, it works smoothly and is well adjustable for precise woodwork. Further, there is an adjustable aluminum fence to assure safety.

Moreover, the Makita router comes with four exclusive features:

  1. Smooth and high accuracy with the depth scales and depth adjustment system.
  2. Enhanced comfort and amazing control from the ergonomic and flat-top router body.
  3. Increased durability using the high-end aluminum motor construction.
  4. Heavy-duty power from the 1-1/4 HP motor provides 6.5 Amp for greater performance.

Complete Kit With Versatile Base and Speed Control

Makita RT0701C fixed base compact router is promised to deliver an effective outcome in every type of routing application.

Further, if you want one base router, then Makita provides the kit with a total of 3 bases. Therefore, apart from the in-built fixed base,  you will also get a Plunge Base, Offset Base, and Tilt base. As well, the speed control dial and the rack and pinion depth adjustment function make things easier to apply in projects.

Thus, so far this is nearly the perfect corded compact you will ever avail of for all types of wood routing and trimming.


  • High-quality variable power control dial to perfectly work with any base application.
  • All bases are easy to install and remove with a suitable cam lock system.
  • Industry-standard template guides for controlling variable speed from 10,000 to 30,000 RPM.
  • Amazing rack and pinion in-depth improvement for perfect base and application settings.


  • Sometimes the router may come with manufacturing defects

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2. AVID POWER 6.5-Amp – Excellent & Budget-Friendly Small Router

AVID POWER 6.5-Amp 1.25 HP Compact Router with Fixed Base, 5 Trim Router Bits, Variable Speed, Edge Guide, Roller Guide and Dust Hood


  • Features: Accurate speed control, efficient depth adjustment function, various base options for routing applications, and much more.
  • Type: Fixed Base (1.25 HP)
  • Motor: 6.5 Amp
  • No Load Speed: 10000 to 32000 RPM 
  • Includes: accurate variable speed, dual-LED lights, depth adjustment system, roller/edge guides, and debris hood.
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Enhanced Clone of Makita

After Makita, another best corded compact fixed base router is the AVID power router. Some say the AVID Power compact router is a perfect clone of the Makita fixed base router. Well, I partially agree with this as well. Therefore, the AVID 6.5 Amp router is more improved than Makita.

Regarding that, you should see the amazing key features of the AVID POWER 1.25 HP corded compact fixed base router.

  1. High-end durability, power, and accuracy from the in-depth adjustment function and 1.25 HP motor ensure the precise outcome.
  2. The amazing variable speed control button provides and controls efficient speed.
  3. Versatile application with 1/4 and 3/8 inch Collets and roller/edge guides makes the router suitable for most bits.
  4. Additional LED work light, quick lock, and release system lets you easily use other bases.

Good Value Corded Router with Improved Accessories

Like I said it is pretty much the same as the Makita corded router but with improved accessories and bases. Moreover, this aluminum-body corded compact router comes in a wholesome toolbox. Therefore, the router toolbox contains two diff-sized collets, 5 router bits, a roller guide, dust protection cover, carbon brushes, wrench, and edge guides.

And last but not least this fixed base corded router consisting of a smooth lock mechanism avails better efficiency while switching to bases and so on.


  • Provides the same durability and work efficiency as Makita but at a cheaper price.
  • All of the parts, bases, and accessories are smoothly interchangeable with other routers.
  • Some accessories like guides, collets, wrenches, debris hoods, and LED lights do not come with the Makita router.
  • The motor is powerful with speed control dial precision.


  • Control quality is a bit lacking in comparison to Makita.

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3. Bosch Colt 1 HP Variable-Speed Router – Budget-Friendly Standard Trimmer

3. Bosch Colt 1 HP Variable-Speed Palm Router


  • Features: Precise speed control, micro, and macro depth adjustment, improved bits capacity, quick clamp for a base-to-base adjustment, etc.
  • Type: PRO001 Fixed Base (1.0 HP)
  • Motor: 5.6 Amp
  • No Load Speed: 16000 to 35000 RPM 
  • Includes: unique support pockets, self-releasing ¼-inch collet chucks, straight edge guides, and dust extraction hood, vacuum hose adapter.
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Small Yet Powerful Palm Router

If you are a fan of cordless and small routers to work on your projects with ease, the Bosch pr20evs router is great. This Colt Palm router from Bosch has been serving both professional and DIY woodworkers for the longest time.

As a 1 HP palm router, this does a pretty flawless job for laminate routing and edge flush trimming. Along with some convenient functions like variable speed motor and precise depth adjustment system to manage perfection in your applications.

Further, this lightweight comes with an enhanced versatility receiving 15/16 inches of bit using two-spindle locks.

Practical and Powerful Features

Bosch Mini router (PR20EVS) is a powerful trimming tool with comfortable yet great features to enhance your routing experiences.

Truly, it is more than just a laminating router, as it is also suitable for mortising, slot cutting, round-overs, etc. Well, slow start, variable speed motor, and the constant feedback circuitry work in sequence to manage the perfect speed under any load of pressure.

Apart from the rugged functions, it also contains self-releasing collets, saw blades, laser measuring, and leveling. Further, the motor works significantly quieter, faster, and cooler than most other corded routers.


  • Integrated soft start and variable speed mechanism.
  • Versatile router with plunging and consistent outcome.
  • Enhanced durability, protection, and power management.
  • Easy to handle any type of base-to-base application.


  • It takes longer to get accustomed to operating processes.

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4. Ridgid Corded Compact Trim Router R24012+ – Impressive Little Power Tool 

Ridgid 5.5 Amp Corded Compact Power Trim Router With Micro Adjust Dial R24012+ Sander


  • Features: Durable, Sturdy,  clear, and round square bases, easy-release lever, slow start, changeable speed management, etc.
  • Type: Plunge Base (1.5 HP)
  • Motor: 5.5 Amp
  • No Load Speed: 20,000 to 32,000 RPM
  • Includes: Collets, sheet sander with extra 2.4 corded Amp, no-mar top bits, micro-adjust dial, overmold grip.
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A Powerful Corded Compact Trimmer

The Ridgid trimmer is packed with tremendous voltage power and torque. Apart from other woodcutting tasks, it is also commendable for milling out most of the aluminum lowers.

Well, the Ridgid plunge base router comes with both corded and cordless versions. The router is very solid and holds up with heavy-duty depth routing properly. Thereby, you get to experience a lot of versatility with the round and square plunge bases with a light inside.

Moreover, there is a fast-release lever to simply take out and install the motor housing from the router base. Hence, it will provide you with both versatility and convenience.

 Perfect Addition to Your Woodworking Tools

We, routing people prefer to keep around more than a few compact routers in our workstations. Therefore, each type of router holds its value for varieties applications.

Although this is a very small and weightless router, it is quite solid and stable, especially while laminating and working with edges.

Well, Ridgid 5.5 Amp corded compact router is no different at all. This plunge base router comes with variable speed, micro-dial control, and slow Starr functions to make the router more reliable. Thus, you will be able to easily control the voltage power, and RPMs without any jerking or tearing away.


  • Micro-adjust dial for efficient control over the depth for perfect routing.
  • Additional sheet sander to let the router get into the corners and edges for reliable finishing.
  • A soft start to smoothly work up the motor power to get the fullest precision.
  • Easy no-mar top bit changing function.


  • A few users report missing sheet sander.

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5. DEWALT Plunge Base DNP612 – Versatile and Accurate Compact Router

DEWALT Plunge Base for Compact Router (DNP612)


  • Features: tool-free steel motor cam lock, improved base durability, precise balance, comfortable control, accurate depth, plunge stroke, etc.
  • Type: Plunge Base (1.25 HP)
  • Motor: 120 V
  • No Load Speed: 10000 to 24000 RPM 
  • Includes: Dust collector adapter, adjustable can lock, bass guide bushings, LEXAN sub-base, and rubber overmold.
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Amazing Plunge Base Compact Router

DEWALT plunge base router is so far one of the best compact routers for so many reasons. If you want a wholesome compact router to tackle most of the routing jobs, DEWALT DNP612 is the perfect option.

Although the speed of the DEWALT router is a bit lower than other great compact routers, it makes up for the package of torque and quality build. And this makes the DEWALT compact router even more capable of tackling most of the routing jobs perfectly.

Moreover, it comes with an amazing plunge base to fit with any type of router like a charm like a cordless DCW600 compact router. As well the bit depth adjustment and soft start function make your routing experience hassle-free of tear-jerking or jumps.

Works Great with Any Routing Task

As I said, it works like a charm with any router. Moreover, the plunge base fitting works with both wired and wireless router models which saves you a lot of trouble. And in case you are wondering about accessories and rotary tools, it will surpass your expectations.

The LEXAN sub increases the base’s durability, bit adjustment, bit visibility, and brass guide bushings. Well, you will also avail enhanced, smooth, and precise plunge stroke for expecting a stable and accurate outcome of the routing.


  • LEXAN base ensures maximum performance from base and bit control.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy die-cast aluminum base router.
  • Fast and easy base change and locking system.
  • Perfect control, balance, and comfort using rubber overmold handling.


  • The motor handle grip might be too big for small hands.

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6. Ridgid Corded Compact Router R24012 (Renewed) with Excellent Functionality

Ridgid 5.5 Amp Corded Compact Power Trim Router With Micro Adjust Dial R24012 (Renewed)


  • Features: Durable, Sturdy,  clear, and round square bases, easy-release lever, slow start, changeable speed management, etc. 
  • Type: Plunge Base (1.5 HP)
  • Motor: 5.5 Amp
  • No Load Speed: 20000 to 32000 RPM 
  • Includes: Collets, sheet sander with extra 2.4 corded Amp, no-mar top bits, micro-adjust dial, overmold grip. 
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High-Quality and Flawless Trim Router

Many of us aren’t yet familiar with the renewed system that ensures that the router we are going to get is flawless, functional, and promising. Yet we will be able to get an excellent product at a much lesser cost than ever. Therefore, this Ridgid 5.5 Amp corded compact router is the renewed version of the Ridgid routers.

I know, you are reluctant but do not worry. This pre-owned router is inspected and fixed by professionals. After that, you will get them cleaned and repaired router which is properly functional and compatible with the new one.

Not to mention the motor RPM and the battery power of this router are more than 80% of the new router’s original power.

A Way to Get Go Router

Well, to be honest, the previous Ridgid compact corded router review is sufficient for your knowledge. Although it was used previously, the corded plunge base trimmer works like a dream.

Further, the 1/4  inches bit/shank size makes the trimmer worth making grooves, cutting or kerfing the edges, laminating the boards, and many more. Not to mention, a new router user will love this compact router providing extra aids to make tasks easier.


  • Micro-adjust dial to ensure control over the depth is precise for perfect routing.
  • Simple yet smooth no-mar top bit changing function for fast action.
  • An excellent sheet sander to allow the router to get into the corners and edges for accurate finishing.
  • An exclusive soft start to smoothly start and run the motor power to avail the fullest power.


  • The bottom place could be a bit bigger for better stability.

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Buying Guide For The Best Corded Compact Router

Purchasing a router is very hectic than it seems to one user. Apart from the hassle, it is also quite confusing for a DIYer to select a compatible router from all these individual types, sizes, and styles.

That is why I listed some particular things one router user must put into consideration. You need to reason with some specifications, functions, features, and other kinds of stuff to easily shop for a router.

Do, here are some important factors to consider for getting a corded compact router:

Compact or Wood Router Types

All the individual routers available in the industry consist of a specific quality function, and base. Thereby, each router’s quality and base type determines how the router will work or in which task it should be used.

Therefore, if you are trying to find a router for all-purpose uses in general, you should go for fixed-base routers. We know that fixed base models are easy to assemble and install for different application purposes. You can even make jigs which will help you with most of the routing application situations. Well, you can install the router on a router table to ensure some more mobility at work.

On the other hand, the plunge base router is better suitable for making mortise, timber frames, or tenon joinery. But you cannot work comfortably with the plunge base router on a router table.

Apart from fixed and plunge bases, you can go for smaller versions of routers like palm or trim routers. Both palm router and trim router come in with fixed and plunge bases. On top of that, they are lighter, smaller, and more comfortable to use single-handedly. However, they might consist of lesser power than compact ones.

Bits or Collets Size

Considering bit sizes is a very delicate and important part of buying a suitable router. A router can only allow you to use some particular sizes of bits. Moreover, the most used bit sizes are 1/2 and 1/4 inches in general.

Therefore, you must select the right router with the best collet sizes cause without this, a router is almost an empty shell. You can use the 1/2 inch collet size to work with minimal tasks like milling hinge mortises, laminating boards, or edge profiling. Technically, it is great for light-duty projects but not for heavy-duty tasks.

Well, heavy-duty projects or working with dense workpiece requires or hard-core tasks requires 1/2 collets. Half-inch collet bits are more durable and the wide surface does not slip while working rigorously.

Speed Variable (RPM)

Variable speed is very crucial for routing jobs as it becomes challenging to choose the right speed to profile edges perfectly.

It is not like you can get the perfect amount of RPM for precise work just by guessing thoughtlessly. However, years of experience and proper Carefulness gets the job successful.

Regarding that, it is fortunate that most of the router’s variable speeds are adjustable. You can tweak the dials till you find the right speed. Well, you can go for the routers with the speed range of 9500-30000 RPMs.

Also, you need to keep in mind that a few routers come with constant speed sensors to precisely monitor the load speed of the bit spinning. Then the sensor also managed the speed according to speed data to maintain an ideal speed throughout the work process.

Well, this method is very helpful. But in some cases like router slowing down while working on the dense section of the workpiece will make it bad.

Motor Power (HP)

All routers require motor power or horsepower to operate properly. Well, the quantity of horsepower in a router ensures how well it handles and controls the bigger size of collet bits and workpieces. Well, a lot of users go around a lot of ways to ensure the work is proceeding smoothly.

But isn’t it better than just using one router and a few steps, you can do everything at once with much effort. This is when you need to keep horsepower in your mind. Most of the top compact routers come with 1.2-1.8 HP horsepower as the better the HP the better the outcome.

Dust Collection Hood

It gets always messy and dusty when you are doing some routing. Well, the speedy cutting method of wood leaves behind wood debris and bits. Sometimes the speedy process makes the debris fly around through the air.

You can avoid the cleanup hassle you can find a router with a dust-collecting hood connected to it. A lot of top compact router brands provide a good quality dust collecting system which is great.

Comfortable Handle Grip

Compact routers are usually very powerful and heavy-weight. That is why using a router requires keeping a safe grip on the router. A smooth and comfortable handle also helps with consistent and safe control of the router.

Heavy-duty routers like fixed and plunge bases consist of two grips to ensure better control and safety. Usually, the grip handles are rubber molding or wooden frames. On the other hand, palm or trim routers come with a small body with a rubber overmold for better grip and handling.


Q1: Why Are Trim and Plunge Router Different?

Answer: We all know that plunge routers are designed with fixed-base, heavier, powerful motors, heavy-duty features, and vertically a bit lower. On the other hand, trim routers are trim base, lightweight, standard motor, sturdy, and smaller. Trim routers are usually used for laminating or veneering edges.

Q2:What Kind of Wood Router Should I Use?

Answer: Depending on your router tasks you may need some varieties of compact routers. Well, a fixed-base router will make things work for most of the jobs. Or to cut edges and set profiles, you can also go for a plunge base, or trim router for other tasks and projects.

Q3:How Are Plunge Routers and Wood Routers Different?

Answer: The difference between a plunge and a wood router is nothing. Because a wood router is technically a plunge router and vice versa.

Q4:What Is The Ideal Size of a Wood Router?

Answer: The preferred size of the router depends on you and the projects. If your hands are slender yet you need to work with both big and small projects you can go for either big or small size. For example, you can use 1/4 inch collets for light and easy routing, or you can use 1/2 inch router collets for handling heavy-duty projects.

Q5:How Do Torque and RPM Affect Your Routing Work?

Answer: Both torque and RPM are essential for routing. Well, in comparison RPM affect your routing more than the Torque does. Therefore, your router needs more power and speed to operate properly. Also, there comes a matter of adjusting the power or soft start feature according to the task that requires enough torque.

Q6:What’s the Difference Between a Fixed-Base and a Plunge Router?

Answer: Generally, both plunge and fixed base routers operate for heavy-duty projects. Therefore, the main difference between these two routers is their corresponding bases. And is that the plunge router comes with a spring-loaded base which enables you to lower down the base butt towards the center for task purposes. However, in the fixed base lowering the bit is very difficult.

Final Words

I hope that I get to help you to get the best corded compact routers for your projects smoothly and successfully.

Well, it is pretty usual for one to feel a bit reluctant while getting a new router. This does not concern whether you are a noob or a professional working with routing.

Further, I prepared a detailed buying guide to lessen your confusion. So, you better look into that without having you regret your decisions. Well, if you still want one more suggestion in selecting a corded compact router then go with the DEWALT. I am super sure that this will provide you with a wholesome routing experience.

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