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Palm routers have become indispensable tools in the world of woodworking. Their compact size, versatility, and precision make them a go-to choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
Choosing the best palm router can be complex, but our research has led us to success. A wood router is more than just a tool – it showcases your woodworking skills. With advanced technology and features, manufacturers offer a range of options to meet your needs.

Our thorough investigation revealed variations in features, price, size, and shape, making palm routers iconic in workshops. These versatile tools can elevate your woodworking projects to perfection. However, it’s essential to make an informed decision.
Our dedicated team has compiled a review of the top palm routers to assist you, ensuring you find the right one for your needs.

Comparison Chart of The Best Palm Routers

Hitachi KM12VC
Bosch PR20EVS
Makita RT0701C
Bosch GKF125CEN
Product Title
Product Title
Hitachi KM12VC
Bosch PR20EVS
Makita RT0701C
Bosch GKF125CEN
9.9 pounds
3.3 pounds
​8 pounds ​
3.9 pounds
4.4 pounds
4 x 22.2 x 16 inches
​9.4 x 7.4 x 4.7 inches
​7 x 10.2 19.2 inches
​10 x 8 x 6 inches​
4.1 x 4.1 x 8.2 inches
​With Plunge
​1.0 Variable Speed Router
Compact router
​1.25 Variable Speed Router
Power Source
Power Source
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Here are the Top 10 palm routers Reviewed

01. Milwaukee's M18 FUEL Cordless Compact Palm Router

01. Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL Cordless Compact Palm Router

  • Easy to use as the ergonomic design enhances comfort
  • Battery Powered – runtime of up to 250 feet per charge
  • Powerful and brushless motor
  • Designed Use: For use in wood, metal, plastic and laminate
  • Brushless power that lasts longer works in extreme conditions and delivers more torque.
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The Milwaukee 2723-20 is a powerful and versatile router that we recommend. It has a push-button switch and variable speed control for precision. This router is great for light-duty projects and is cordless. Many cordless routers need more power, but that’s not the case with the FUEL Compact Router from Milwaukee. It has a 1 HP motor that delivers 10,000 to 31,000 RPM. It also has a variable power switch for precise control. The router has a micro-adjust dial and macro-adjust button for accurate depth adjustment. The speed control dial allows users to set the speed for all applications.

A 4″ sub-base plate provides stability with enough comfort, and dual LED lights illuminate the work surface.


  • No battery included 
  • Cordless design limits the range of use
02. BOSCH PR20EVSNK Colt Installers Kit Router with 3 Assorted Bases and Edge Guide

02. BOSCH PR20EVSNK Colt Installers Kit Router with 3 Assorted Bases and Edge Guide

  • It’s very much more comfortable to hold and easy to control
  • This router has a versatile bit-changing system
  • 7-step adjustable depth option to make the depth accurate
  • On top of the router, there are air vents that keep this router cool.
  • No dust cover on the power switch
  • Do not have the side handle
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The Bosch Colt PR20EVS is a small and easy-to-use palm router. It has a comfortable grip that reduces vibration and allows for single-handed operation. It has a powerful 1.0 peak HP motor that produces 5.7 amps of speed, making it suitable for small woodworking projects. The soft-start feature extends the motor’s lifetime, and the variable speed allows for control of RPM from 16,000 to 35,000. It has both fixed and plunge bases, which help maintain consistent depth and provide better visibility during use.

03. DEWALT 1.25 HP Max Torque Variable Speed Compact Router

03. DEWALT 1.25 HP Max Torque Variable Speed Compact Router

  • Bit changing is more comfortable because of the multiple shaft lock.
  • Easy to remove the base with the help of a spring-loaded release.
  • The LED display ensures better and improved visibility
  • It comes with a variable speed
  • Has a soft start facility with a powerful motor.
  • Do not have any dust collector.
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To take you to a new level of routing, DEWALT DWP611PK is here. This piece of tech can surprise you with some fantastic features. If you’re going to rate it with numbers, then it surely makes its place as the best-rated palm router. It is a package of huge power which comes from a durable 1.25 HP motor. This power is enough to meet the most stringent application. It has a variable speed control. It’s used to optimize bit speed.

Instead of a powerful motor, you will get a soft starting feature. So, during the cut, maintaining the speed is just a matter of handling. If the maximum visibility is what you need for routing, then this router is for you. It has a dual-LED and a clear sub-base. These two things ensure maximum visibility.

To get the precise depth setting all you need is a plunge base. It incorporates a fine-tuned adjustment rod. It has a low-pressure spindle lock which is large, which makes the single-wrench bit changing easy. To keep the motor locked in the position, it has the clamping mechanism and depth ring.

The fixed base spring-loaded release tabs work perfectly for quick removal. This handy tool is made of aluminium. Motor housing and base construction become more durable & reliable that last for a long time. For a more substantial application, this router has a large plunge base platform. This platform has added more stability.

04. Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Best Compact Router

04. Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Best Compact Router

  • This router comes with excellent build quality with a durable metal alloy.
  • Easy to control the speed using the button.
  • The price is reasonable and affordable. The Dust collection is highly effective and worth the money.
  • Easy to use and hold because of the ergonomic design.
  • It’s not perfect for some heavy-duty work.
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Makita RT0701C compact router is another good example of the top hand palm router. It does not only deliver excellent performance but also comes at an affordable price. The core of this power tool comes from 120V 6.5 Amps motor. It also features 1.25 HP, which is enough for wood routing. The soft start makes things more comforting for you. Once it reaches the set speed, it gradually increases. Soft starts play a positive role in avoiding damage to the parts and accidental falls.

This handy tool can do various jobs like boring holes and cutting and trimming. The design is slim and compact. The router’s variable speed control is an excellent advantage for the user.

The Makita RT0701C compact wood palm router has a variable speed dial with a range from 10,000 rpm to 30,000 rpm. So, it’s a versatile tool for maintaining the desired speed. Switching between different speeds is easy as turning on the light. To get the accuracy of routing, the electronic speed load contributes much. Both plunge base and fixed base allow for smooth depth adjustment.

When using plunge routers, you can adjust the depth up to 1-3/8. There is no limit to pre-set depths. So, the extent is highly customizable to any setting. As you need, you can buy this router with or without a plunge base.

The motor housing is made of aluminum that lasts for a long time. This material makes it one of the best lightweight palm routers. Because of this lightweight, it is easy to use. Overall the ergonomic design fits in hand easily.

05. Bosch GKF125CEN Colt 1.25 HP Variable Speed Palm Router

05. Bosch GKF125CEN Colt 1.25 HP Variable Speed Palm Router

  • It can mill faster and more in-depth speed because it has an electronic control
  • Super nice LED light gives better visibility
  • The design is far better than the previous old model, especially the spindle locking.
  • The base plate is not good enough to support
  • Sometimes getting the grip is more challenging.
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To feel the power in your hand Bosch GKF125CE is herewith. It offers 1.25 horsepower that also comes with a variable speed option. The grip is very soft, which comes with an ergonomic design. So, the user can get enough comfort from holding this tool. You may consider it the best budget palm small router because of its compact design, but better than the larger one.

With this ample power, it becomes ideal for rounding over deck planks. Soft start circuitry keeps this little beast entirely after turning it on. Constant response circuitry can help you to maintain the speed under load. For easy guidance, the micro and macro fine depth adjustment system is here for you. But this adjustment is possible with the fixed-base.

The 7 amp motor provides the power to execute various pattern cuts. Fixed-base makes bit changes up to 1-5/6 inches in diameter. It ensures additional stability.

While trimming laminates, you will be supported by finger pockets and will not feel any problems. The ball joint cord gives you more flexibility in where the cord can be positioned. It is easy to do because of the durable spindle lock, which allows for fast bit changes. The white LED light makes it easy to see what you are doing and ensures a clear view.

06. Porter Cable Router 1/4-Inch Laminate Trimmer

06. Porter Cable Router 1/4-Inch Laminate Trimmer

The Porter Cable Router is one of the high-powered tool that is perfect for various woodworking and carpentry projects. It has a wide range of capabilities, making it ideal for trimming hardwood or other types of wood. This router has a variable speed of 16,000 to 35,000RPM, so it can easily handle even the most challenging tasks. The precision-machined, cast-aluminum fixed base provides a sturdy platform for work, and the extra large locking clips make it easy to release the motor. The depth ring on the spindle enables correct bit height adjustments. The spindle lock button allows for single-wrench bit changes.

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07. Cozyel Electric Hand Trimmer 

07. Cozyel Electric Hand Trimmer 

Cozyel Electric Hand Trimer is a powerful and versatile woodworking tool that can be used for a variety of applications, such as hinge routing and slight edge forming. With its 800W motor and 30,000 r/min no load speed, it can easily handle thick models and produce stable, exact cuts. The transparent base and dressing guide allow easy operation and the ability to see the trimming edge clearly. The quick-release lever removes the motor from the base easily, and the two wrenches make it easy to change bits. The Cozyel Electric Hand Trimer is perfect for cabinet processing, handicraft production, and DIY projects.

Tips: Carbon brushes must be replaced after being used for 50-60 hours.

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08. Techtronic Industries Ryobi P601 ONE+ 18-Volt Laminate Trimmer (Battery Not Included – Tool Only)

08. Techtronic Industries Ryobi P601 ONE+ 18-Volt Laminate Trimmer (Battery Not Included – Tool Only)

Whether you’re working on a professional Jobsite or around the house, the Ryobi P601 One+ 18V Lithium Ion Trim Router is a great tool to have on hand. With a maximum speed of 29,000 RPM, this cordless router can handle even the most challenging woodworking projects. The easy-grip rubber coating provides a comfortable grip, even in slippery conditions, and the onboard knob makes it easy to adjust the cutting depth. In addition, the compact size makes it easy to handle, even on smaller projects. Plug in one of Ryobi’s 18v batteries, and you’re ready to go.

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09. Goplus Palm Router for Woodworking and Furniture Manufacturing

Goplus Palm09.  Router for Woodworking and Furniture Manufacturing

CtopoGo electric hand trimmer is a tremendous Goplus wood router tool for beginners. It has a voltage of 800W and a max speed of 30,000rpm, making it powerful enough to handle even the most demanding jobs. The high-quality aluminum and plastic construction is durable and long-lasting, and the transparent cover and base make it easy to see your work area and get accurate results.

A set of accessories is included, such as a straight guide, trimming guide, wrenches, dust board, sample guide plate, adjustable button, fast switch button, and more. The trimmer guide and roller allow you to follow curves and get precise results, while the straight guide is great for straight lines. You need two wrenches to change bits or tighten router bits, but other than that, this trimmer is easy to use and produces high-quality results.

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Things To Consider For Find The Perfect Palm Router 

According to the post, you may be looking for a palm router to enrich your woodworking tool collection rich. However, to get the best value for money palm router, you must look for the right thing. 

 By going through this buying guide, you can decide which palm router is best for you and your needs. Below is the ultimate buyer’s guide for you.

Speed options

Speed adjustment facility ensures how well furnished your work is going to be. It can burn the wood if you cannot control the speed. Most routers have two types of speed adjustment features. One is multi-speed, and another one is variable speed. So, a user can control the speed according to the kinds of wood they are dealing with.

On the other hand, some models of palm routers offer single-speed operation. Speed adjustment is also vital for the bit diameter for perfect operation.

Ease of Use

With less complex and intuitive designs, you can enjoy hassle-free operation without having to read manuals or learn complicated procedures. Instead, choose the best router that offers simple controls and minimal buttons. Most importantly, check whether the manufacturer provides detailed instructions regarding the machine’s usage and care.

Base Styles

If you are a professional, you will know how strong the base is to motor size. However, it all depends on your project and operation to determine which type of base you need the most. There are two types of styles for the base available.

The first one is the fixed base. It’s fixed with knobs to hold the router in position. This base is only helpful for edge routing and mounting on the router table.

On the other hand, the plunge is useful because of its multi-use. It’s very much versatile. For plunging into the wood, it’s best. Various types of complicated cuts like dado cuts, fluting, mortising operations, and the blind groove can be implemented with this base.

Soft Start

Without a soft start, a palm router can make your day unpleasant. No one wants a full start at the moment of Turing on this tool. So, lots of palm router manufacturing companies include a soft-start feature. However, it can fall off your hand without a smooth start because of the massive power.

It becomes hard to hold in your hand. Soft-start does not have such a problem. It will start slowly after turning it on. As same as that, the speed rises gradually as well. So, before you buy a palm router, you should look for this feature.

Ergonomic Design

An ergonomically designed router can be a great way to save time, particularly when you need to do repetitive tasks. There’s also a higher likelihood you can use a handheld router for repetitive tasks; however, Most routers are designed to be used with the palm of your hand, but some can use on the back of your hand. It gives you more control over the router’s position and allows for more delicate detail work.


Depending on the technology you plan to use with your router, your options might be limited. For example, if you already have a desktop scanner, you won’t find one that works well enough to replace it. This is why compatibility is crucial when selecting a palm router. Make sure you know how compatible each model is with each piece of technology you currently own.

User Experience

Once again, we come back to the idea of comfort and convenience. We don’t want to spend hours setting up our palm router as we do with other appliances. So make sure you understand how easy or difficult it will be to set up your router.


When choosing a palm router, look for one with adjustable torque controls. Many manufacturers offer different models with different torque values. For example, you can set the torque to 50% for easy work. However, when working with rigid materials such as MDF, you will need to use a router with a high torque level.


Power is not the last thing to consider. But it means a lot to the user. There are lots of scopes where you can choose a powerful router at a reasonable price. Don’t rush to get one; you might get a more powerful router at the same rate in the market. If you are looking for a router of less than one horsepower, then forget about it. You might be looking for more power.

Maybe the power cannot handle the project you are going to deal with. However, it becomes essential when you are working on harder wood. Even lower-quality bits also work well if you use them with a powerful router. Power doesn’t define the difficulty level of using this tool. Instead, it helps you to complete the job faster than before.


Question 1: What is the use of a palm router?

A palm router is a handheld tool used for carving out an area in a workpiece, creating intricate designs, detailed carvings, or smooth, precise cuts in wood, plastic, or metal. It can be used for various purposes, such as creating rabbets, dadoes, grooves, and circles. It comes with different types of bits that make it easy to create specific types of cuts, like rounded edges on furniture or cabinets.

Question 2: Which is better, a corded or cordless power router?

Corded routers are more powerful and can go anywhere you need them, thanks to their detachable and retractable cord. If you plan to take your router with you or connect it to a temporary power source, then a cordless palm router is a great choice. These routers are easy to use, respond fast, and work like a charm. However, they don’t have the same precision as corded routers.

Corded palm routers are the best choice for tasks involving straight and round-edged cuts. They’re heavier and bulkier but can handle a wide variety of tasks and have a longer lifespan.

Question 3: What Does The Palm Router Different From Other Routers?

Palm routers are different from other routers in that they have a small, ergonomic design that allows for better control and precision. Palm routers also have a built-in dust collection system that helps to keep your work area clean.

Question 4: Can I Cut A Joinery With My Palm Router?

You can cut joinery by using palm routers, but it will be more complicated than using a dedicated joinery bit. Joinery bits are designed to cut specific types of joints, and they have different profiles that allow them to create different types of joints. Palm routers can also be used to cut joinery, but the results will not be as good as those achieved with a dedicated joinery bit.

Question 5: Which palm router is the best according to size?

Answer: You will get plenty of options, especially in the case of a router’s size and shape. But deciding the perfect type and size of a router depends on your storage limitation and working requirement. Compact routers, full-sized routers, and palm routers are available to buy.

Question 6: How does the design of the tool decide its performance?

Answer: A perfect design means you are more comfortable with this tool. It will give you more room to work efficiently. Ultimately, your enhanced performance because of this tool delivers a better result. But poor design has an impact on the muscle. As a result, you may fall into a painful condition and reduce your efficiency and performance.

Question 7: Does a palm router cost much?

Answer: The cost depends on the features and the accessories. More options to make you feel better to use a palm router means more price you have to pay. On average, a palm router costs around $130 to $150. But including more features means this price is higher.

Question 8: Is it available with a case?

Answer: Depending on the brand and model of palm router you have, a case may or may not be available. However, it is generally easy to find a case that will fit your router, regardless of the brand or model. If unsure, you can always check with the manufacturer or retailer to see if a case is available for your specific router.

Final Words

Professional woodworkers are always looking for a high-quality router. We tried to pick the top 5 in this best palm router review. These routers don’t only ensure high performance but also result in excellent outcomes in the woodworking workshop. Even all these are budget-friendly options for the seeker. Often, numerous options confuse the buyer while buying this handy tool.

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