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Are you in a search for a powerful router with precise cuts? Porter-Cable has come up with the mighty Porter-Cable 690LR router, which is designed to meet all of your needs. Let me tell you, Porter-Cable 690LR 11-Amp Fixed-Base Router is a powerful and an excellent, efficient tool. It doesn’t matter whether it is a short-term operation or extended, it will ensure your best comfort with its wonderful design and under-table stop while you are in any operation.

While you are going to fix up your mind to purchase your perfect woodworking companion, you need to consider some factors. Being a woodworker, you would like to have a tool which never misses impressing regarding performance and efficiency. There is no doubt that this is such a router which is worthy of its price, anybody would prefer it as his woodworking partner.

Porter Cable 690lr review

Features and Specifications of Porter-Cable 690LR

  • This router measures 12.0 by 5.50 by 8.62 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 8.0 pounds
  • It has a single motor, and it delivers constant 27,500 RPM, which is perfect to achieve consistent performance throughout the entire project.
  • Unlike other routers within the same category, this one is ideal for tasks which require mounting on a routing table. You can opt for both D-handle bases and plunge, which makes it a perfect one. You can buy both bases separately.
  • Accurately machined aluminum motor housing
  • There is a micrometer depth adjustment system, which helps when making accurate depth adjustments. With an accuracy of up to 1/128, the user gets accurate and precise cuts.
  • This router is compatible with ½ and ¼ inch collets.
  • If you are in a hardworking shop or a busy work site, don’t get tensed! You will get your protection against wear and tear by a sealed ball-bearing construction and dust-sealed switch.
  • It has been fitted with over-molded handles so that it can be gripped firmly and doesn’t slip while operating the tool.
  • The product has got a three-year limited warranty. You can also enjoy a one-year free service contract with 90 days money back guarantee.

Technical Feather of PORTER-CABLE 690LR 11-Amp Fixed-Base Router

Powerful and Precise

Porter-Cable 690LR owes its powerful performance to a single-speed, 11-amp motor. This motor generates 1-3/4 peak horsepower, which is sufficient enough to accomplish most home and workshop tasks. There is this cam-lock lever that enables simple coarse height adjustments to ensure consistent and steady performance. To allow the user to move the motor pack between plunge and d-handle bases, there is a quick fixed-base motor release.

Fast Bit Removal and Ergonomic Design

The Porter-Cable 690LR is completely a user-friendly router. To ensure its performance and stability, the router consists of an auto-release collet system, which makes the process of changing router bits easy. The under-table stop is installed to prevent any accidental movement out of its base. Your hands and wrists will get comfortable with ergonomic molded grips, even while doing extended jobs.

Heavy Duty Design

The Porter Cable 690LCR, a fixed base router, features a hardened steel motor and is built extremely strong. You can do everything from smoothing concrete countertops to removing hardwood flooring without worrying about damaging the unit.

Variable Speed Dial

These router offers two different speeds (high and low) to cut material at a constant speed. These settings can easily be adjusted while using the tool. Because of this, you don’t ever need to worry about working too quickly on a project.

Two Position Locking

This feature lets you change between high and low speed without having to remove the collet or bit from the work surface. Position the bit and lock it in place. Then reposition the collet and lock it back again. The locking mechanism works great and makes adjusting the speed quick and convenient.

Two Speeds

Using both modes helps ensure that the edges of materials remain sharp and smooth. One speed mode keeps the blade moving fast for a continuous smooth finish, and the other slows down the blade for added control. Both are great options for finishing projects.

Precision Cutting

Using this tool, you can easily create precise cuts thanks to its accurate measurements. Whether you need to cut decorative moldings or remove excess concrete, the Porter Cable 695LCX fixed base router helps you get things done right the first time.

Durable Construction

Porter Cable’s tools are known for being some of the best on the market. That is why they are often sought after by professional tradesmen who rely on them for everyday projects. Their latest equipment is no exception.

Customer Reviews

You won’t believe your ears while I say about the customer reviews of this amazing product!

Let’s start with negative comments first. I am seriously disturbed with its bit changes with two wrench system. It’s awkward and clunky.

This was an opinion of a user while he was asked about this router. Another one said, ‘The quality of the new models has been way cheapened from the old ones.’

But these were less in number, most of the users found it quite worthy. ‘This is just perfect. Exactly what I needed.’ ‘Very satisfied with the performance. Used it for a while and didn’t face a single problem.’ These all were the reactions of the positive outputs.


There have been so many different routing machines which have been developed by different brands over the years. While purchasing, some of the buyers pay keen attention to the power output, while most others focus on efficiency. If you go for the Porter-Cable 690LR, you will find the combination of these two attributes into one. No doubt, you will get amazing outputs in your woodwork projects. So, apart from the few disadvantages highlighted above, this is the router which comes with high recommendations!

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