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The DeWalt Router is a tool used for woodworks, such as DIY crafting and, most importantly, by carpenters to deliver the amenities we use in our daily lives. The dewalt dw618pk review following guide leads you to a better understanding of the choice of tools you make for your next project.

Why we wrote dewalt dw618pk review?

For the last 15 years, every DeWalt dw618pk review proves the rapid uprise in positions as one of the best wood routers. It cannot be lucky that it achieved such success.

This power tool took advantage of the high demand for the ever-growing DIYers segment and developed many exciting features that got their attention. At the same time, the model also kept some of the best features that make it extremely functional for commercial contractors.

This DeWalt dw618pk review is meant to give you all the information you need to advance how it really works.

DEWALT Router DW618PK review

DEWALT Router DW618PK review
DEWALT Router DW618PK review
DEWALT Router DW618PK review

Combo Kit DeWalt dw618pk
When you get a DeWalt dw618pk wood router, you get a complete combo kit that offers a tool that includes both a fixed base and a plunge base. Also, it comes with all the relevant accessories it needs to deliver its best functionalities. This is what makes the product unique.

The dw618pk are presenting to you has a variable speed electric motor. But, it provides you with the necessary power to cut even the hardest wood. Besides, you will have precise depth adjustment, thanks to the adjustment ring that it has incorporated.

Key Features of dw618pk wood router kit

12 Amp 2 ¼ HP 120V motor

This is the primary source of its power, and both professionals and DIYers consider it perfect for their tasks. That is because it has enough power to cut the hardest wood or metal easily.

Motor packs: can be easily removed. It helps to route through tough hardwood at the desired speed. Also includes fixed, plunge, and D-handle bases.

Speed Under Load: due to full electronic feedback, you can trust the router to provide speech under Load.

Heavy Duty: the router is eligible for heavy-duty due to its powerful motor and adjustable speed.

Soft-Start Mechanism

This feature allows the router to start with the lowest speed and then goes up gradually until reaching the selected speed. That reduces the impact on the operator and the hands. Hence, it can control it better and reduce the initial fatigue.

Electronic Variable Speed

It has a variable speed ranging from 8,000 RPM to 24,000 RPM with control of constant speed under load.

Precise Depth Adjustments

Ring adjustments are set to be in 1/64´´ increments. Such a level of precision allows you to complete the most detailed projects. On the other hand, the plunge base is 5/128´´ per turn to enable you to get the most precise results in inlays and veneers.

Fixed/ Plunge base Kit

Fixed base has a 7´´ diameter to provide all the stability you need for your projects. Also, it includes a base plate that fits perfectly well on most of the router tables available in the market.

Plunge base allows you to be flexible while working as you can plunge the router down and then lift it again. What is even better is that you only need to press down the handles to install it.

Comfortable Handles

The handles have an ergonomic design and are coated. This makes it easy to work for long hours without fatigue or risk.

Centre of Gravity: Rubber over-molded handles and low center of gravity design provide comfort-ability, control as well as balance.

Right or Left switch

This router allows you to switch hands because of the cord-set location.

Spindle Lock

Allow for single wrench bit changes

Dust sealed switch

Dewalt dw618pk collects 95% of the dust and provides superior visibility.

Router Table

the router dw618pk does not vibrate much. Therefore, the motor adjustments are easy to reach your router table.

  • The engine gives you a smooth start while turning excellently.
  • Very well built and packaged.
  • It has extensive handles; this allows you to have comfort when using it.
  • Combo kit with all the necessary accessories; Tweezers, Dust Cover, Hard Case, Wrench Included, Adjustable Speed, All Complete.
  • The power cord is detachable, durable, and replaceable.
  • Have pliers that can help you exchange different bits, and with this, fix them to the motor shaft quickly.
  • The size of the motor allows the router to be large enough to handle most jobs, but also versatile.
  • You can cut any piece you need in a fast, clean way, and as you wish.
  • It has a feature that helps you collect dust.

  • The threads might look too fine. However, they are not.
  • Sometimes the depth setting on the dip base is a bit difficult to set.


Q1: Could you make designs on pressure-treated wood?

Answer: Yes, of course. You can easily make all kinds of cuts in wood or plastic. It has a variable speed that helps give you strength and the ability to cut wherever you want.

Does Dewalt makes a cordless plunge router?

Dewalt is a well-known tool brand, and its cordless plunge router is no exception. It’s a powerful tool that can help you make precise cuts in wood and other materials. But does Dewalt make a cordless plunge router? The short answer is yes, and the company does produce a cordless model of this tool. So if you’re looking for something powerful and convenient, check out the Dewalt cordless plunge router.

Q2: Why should you buy a Dewalt dw618pk 12 amp 2 1/4 hp router?

Answer: The main reason to buy a dw618pk 12 amp 2 1/4 hp router is that you need equipment that will last for years. This model gives you everything you are looking for in terms of versatility, power, and precision. You can perform any routine task that you propose without any inconvenience, even if you are a beginner. Also, this model is compatible with most router tables to give you better performance.

Q3: Does this dw618pk router come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes, this router comes with everything you need. You will have a three-year guarantee for any possible problem during use. Besides, you will have a 100% satisfaction guarantee of 90 days in which your money is returned if the product does not convince you.

Q4: How much should I be willing to pay?

Answer: Remember, this is a router kit; the price might be a bit high. But, compared to buying items separately, you can spend a lot less money. In addition, you will not need to buy the immersion base, since it includes it. You will have to make a considerable budget to obtain a DeWalt DW618PK, but its value for money will be worth it.


With this DEWALT DW618PK Router Review, you will have a better idea of the combo kit you want to get for your work. It is a kit that satisfies the majority of its customers. This makes it perfect for upper, intermediate, or beginner carpenters.

It is a stable, precise, and comfortable power tool to use. You can make varieties of cuts, mouldings, construction of beautiful furniture, and woodwork. Wood craftsmen will love this fixed dip base option.

DeWalt DW618PK will give you the strength to finish your woodworking tasks no matter how complex they are. Do not hesitate to consult each of its pros and cons. You will have a much more accurate idea of the product.

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