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Types of Wood: When it comes to woodwork, there are various trees for wood extraction depending on what it is needed for. There are so many trunks, branches and shrubs to make this extraction from

Woods are classed into two; softwood or hardwood. Every other wood falls within this classification, their reason for this classification is as a result of their reproduction.

Softwoods are gymnosperm while Hardwoods are angiosperm.

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List of Some Softwoods

types of wood

Cedar Wood

Cedar Wood commonly found in South America and it is a wood with wide application in the furniture industry for the making of drawers, frames, and boxes. it has repellent properties which makes it good for furniture making.


It has a reddish brown color with small pores, it is cheaper compared to the Cedar wood, with application in the furniture industry too.


This wood has a whitish yellow color, it is light in weight with great resistivity to shrinking, its resistivity to shrinking and not having a rigid figure makes it suitable for decoration because it is easy to twist and bend into shapes, the pine wood is highly used in the furniture industry like Cedar Wood, Beechwood, and a lot more other softwoods.

Fir Wood

They are light brown in color, large application for furniture’s such as doors, plywood sheets, ceilings, frames and a lot more, they do not undergo decay because they do not produce resins like most others.

Spruce Wood

These woods are light yellow in color, they are light in weight with low resistance to decay as compare to the Fir wood. The Spruce wood is used for the making of the ladder and a lot of musical instrument because of its lightweight.

Birch Wood

It has a yellow color and a reddish color, mostly of a circular shape use for furniture making and for carving toys.

List of Some Hardwoods

types of wood

Afara Wood

This wood is of West African origin, it has has a reddish brown color, it has a wide application but most of which is in the construction industry and roofing of buildings.

Oak Wood

It is of two colors red and black, it is tough and heavy and a coarse texture, its application is widespread but more significantly in the craft industry for sculpture.

Mahogany Wood

It is reddish brown in color, it is strong and hard it has a pore ring-like structure. It is used in Boat making, musical drums and construction.

Teak Wood

It is a dark brown wood, extremely heavy, it is hard, tough and durable. It is used as a herb for medicinal purposes in Africa, for Boat manufacturing for the craft.

Marple Wood

Its color ranges from white to dark brown, strong and good shock absorbing effect, it is used for Mortar and Pestle for pounding in Africa.

Rose Wood

It has a reddish brown color, hard and durable. It is used for making furniture, musical instruments and for decoration because of its good smell.

These woods are of high value, serving so many purposes with a lot of value attached, they have played major roles in the manufacturing industries, construction and furniture industries.

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