Hitachi KM12VC Fixed Base Variable Speed Router Kit Review

Are you searching for a compact router kit for your all kinds of woodworks? Let me tell you, the Hitachi KM12VC Router Combo Kit is a complete router kit from Hitachi. Buy it and you will have a total cost-effective package. There is a common idea among most of the professionals that for every different job, they own a different router.

But, DIY dads or many amateur woodworkers like to have a router combo kit that provides maximum versatility at a less price. So, most of the renowned manufacturers are now producing versatile wood routers, and the Hitachi KM12VC is a consequence of that.

The most amazing feature of this router is how quiet it is. Despite its huge power, it has a no-load noise level of 79.5dB. As noise is a product of vibration, so it has less vibration. Being one of the quietest routers that we’ve tested, this fact makes it less tiring to use.

Hitachi KM12VC

Features of Hitachi KM12VC Router

Powerful, Variable-Speed Motor with Soft Start

According to power, the Hitachi KM12VC is in the mid-range. It produces a decent 2-1/4 HP, which is sufficient to use larger 1/2-inch shank bits. The motor has an amazing speed range from 8,000 to 24,000 RPM, so you can precisely match the speed to the size of the cutter and the type of stock.

The soft start motor is another great feature of the Hitachi KM12VC. It gradually increases the speed from low to full, as well as prevents any kind of a jerk.It enables the user to handle it comfortably on start-up. It not only reduces strain and wear on the motor but also leads to longer motor life.

Accurate Fixed and Plunge Cuts

Whether the router is of fixed base or plunge, it needs to adjust bit depth accurately. While using the fixed base, adjustment on the Hitachi KM12VC is done with a depth adjustment ring. To adjust the bit depth, it just releases the locking lever and turns the depth adjustment ring to raise or lower the cutter.

Turning off the adjustment ring rather than the motor is a useful feature. So the position of the power cord, the speed control, and the on/off switch do not change in relation to the router table or the handles.If they don’t twist into an unattainable location, the power cord doesn’t get twisted.

In a router with the plunge base, there is a fine depth adjustment knob and an adjustable turret stop for accurate depth control.

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  • 2 – 1/ 4 HP motor
  • You can accomplish versatile cuttings like window cutting, trimming, fine groove cutting, shaping etc.
  • Excellent depth adjustment
  • Silent working environment
  • 2 stage motor release clamp
  • Being less weight, you can easily carry it.


  • You can face troubles for bit release
  • Carbon brushes may not work appropriately

Hitachi KM12VC

Customer Reviews 

 The Hitachi KM12VC has been reviewed more than 240 times on Amazon by verified Amazon reviewers and got a score of maximum out of 5 stars on an average by the time I was writing this article. Amazing, isn’t it?

The customer reviews are as expected as its score. One user found it comfortable to change the bits. He said, ‘I have one already and bought another to use under my router table. This is an amazing, simple router that is easy to change bits on.’

Another user found it great for a neat edge. According to him, ‘If you need to trim on shelving, make your own moldings and anything that requires a nice, neat edge, you can use it to do so.’

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Final Verdict

 As an expert user of the wood router, I have a long experience and read different Hitachi reviews. Trust me, I found the Hitachi KM12VC router with the best quality. It has all the necessary tools, last longer and needs less servicing than its competitors. So, if you are planning to buy an amazing router for your job, you need to make sure the router is the perfect one and contains all the necessary features to carry out your tasks smoothly. If you still in confuse to choose the best wood routers, please don’t miss my complete buying guide on the Best wood router reviews.

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