PORTER-CABLE 7518 Speedmatic Fixed Base Router Review

The Porter-Cable 7518 router is one of the most strong and highly efficient power tools ever innovated for any woodworker. Being typical in its style and quality, it comes with some of the most innovative features and amazing power. You can’t find too many routers which, so to speak, can surpass the greater power and reliability of this router. The fact that this router has the ability to handle any router means the woodworker can never run short of power.

I have used different routers and reviewed a good number too, but this one is somehow special! Once you start using the router, you instantly feel the amount of control you have over the tool. It is designed with a technicality to withstand any working site condition. It is a must-have for any woodworker.

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Porter-Cable 7518Let’s have a look on Special Features of Porter-Cable 7518

Powerful Motor

The Porter-Cable 7518 has a 15-amp motor, which produces outstanding power and is very effective for tough woodcuts. For the best quality cuts and finish, you will have a consistent RPM while routing. Being the user, you will gain full control over it throughout the cutting process as the router is available with five different speeds. This is very crucial that compared to the number of wood works, it will be doing, it offers the highest flexibility. Different cutting speeds available include 10,000, 13,000, 16,000, 19,000 and 21,000 RPM.

Awesome Stability and Durability

The Porter-Cable 7518 is adorned with the amazing feature set and extreme durability. The sealed design of the ball-bearing also helps to prevent the dust out of the vital components from getting inside, which also ensures longer life.

The router has precision-machined aluminum motor housing and base stand up to rough-and-tough job sites. Apart from that, it has integrated cast handles which provide stability during operation, improves accuracy and prevents any kind of wear and tear on the machine.

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The Pros

  • The Porter-Cable 7518 is powerful and ideal for most of the wood operations.
  • This user-friendly router has a wide base.
  • This is easy to handle, runs smoothly without any vibrations.
  • The router is excellently functional. With an accurate and precise depth adjustment, it can deliver excellent cuts for any kind of woodwork, even the rough ones too.
  • You are bound to be impressed at its design. It is robust and solid in build. It is able to handle all kinds of working site projects and withstand any working environments.
  • Maintenance is very simple. All its ball bearings are dustproof and thus the internal sphere remains clean.

The Cons

  • The router is quite large in terms of router standards.
  • Rotating the motor is difficult. Due to this, it usually results in dust lodging in the height adjustment threads while adjusting the height.
  • Compared to its features, the price is slightly higher.

Porter-Cable 7518Customer Reviews 

You will definitely be amazed if you go through the review of this product on Amazon!

Most of the reviewers expressed their satisfaction about its power. One reviewer said, ‘I had used it for five years and had nothing but wonderful experiences with it. It has more power than you’re ever going to need.’

Some of them were impressed with the features of it. According to one, ‘The speed control is very effective, especially when using large bits. The soft start and relatively quiet operation are big bonuses of this beast.’

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In short, the woodworkers who are passionate about their routine tasks and looking out for a router, which is multidimensional and can handle diverse projects, the Porter-Cable 7518 is a highly recommended wood router for them. Being an excellent quality router, it will facilitate all your easy and efficient operations. If you fix your mind to buy this, it will surely pay you back for a long time. So, it will be worth every penny of yours irrespective of its huge price.

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Steven O. Carroll - November 5, 2017

Hi James,

You have written about one of my favorite woodworking tools. If you add FAQ section it will be adding more value.



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