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Many beautiful creatures and furniture are made of various types of wood. Para wood is one of them. It is a very popular wood in every house since we use to know this as another name. Yes, para wood is very familiar with the name of rubber wood which is actually generated from the rubber tree.

Though this type of para wood originated in Brazil most of the tropical regions like parts of Asia also cultivate it. Among Asia, Indonesia is the first name where it grows widely.

Para wood is also known by many other names like plantation hardwood, white teak, Rubberwood, Malaysian oak and Hevea. Basically, the production of milky liquid from a rubber tree is the primary harvest.

Natural latex is the sap which actually a way of using natural rubbers. Gradually after around 30 years, the latex will stop producing. Only that time one can use the rubber tree for its wood and go for the next plantation.

para wood

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Uses of Para Wood

Para wood is one of the most usable and favorable woods of the manufacturer. They found it very durable and comfortable for making furniture.

Usually, it is used for making the cabinet, drawers, flooring, interior design, wood carvings, veneer and plywood and so on.

However, Para wood is also available in various grades and quality.

  • Sometimes kid’s furniture and toys wardrobe are made of by para wood for its strong stability. Some of the kitchen tools are also made of Para wood for its longevity.
  • As this wood is perfect as a shock absorber so most of the gym floor is made of this para wood to avoid fall injuries.
  • There are many senior citizens live in the house. For them, para wood flooring can be best because it can help them to pacify the stress on joints and help them to easy movement.
  • Most of the homemade furniture is generated from this para wood. We use our daily lives furniture such as dressing table, vanity cases, stands, headboards, and footboards.
  • In case of matching the hardness of the maple and oak, para wood is a reliable name. For this reason, this wood can be used to withstand the roughness of the kitchen. Very often, barstool also can be made of this.

How to Care for Para Wood

Luckily this wood does not need much care for the protection. There is a very poor possibility to get the wood damaged frequently. One can generally follow the same rules to clean the wood like other woods.

  • For better result, one can wash it with a liquid soap once a year. After washing it one must need to use a clean cloth to dry it thoroughly. As a result, no fungus can attack or decay the moisture.
  • With the help of furniture wax, one can brighten up the wood easily. Buy one must strip off the wax also sometimes because wax attracts dirt a lot.
  • Very dry or hot places can be harmful to the surface of the wood that is why one must need to avoid such places. It can be a cause of discoloring.
  • Always try to avoid keeping hot items such as teacups, pots or pans directly on the table otherwise it will create rings or stain on the table.
  • When some drops of alcohol or hot water put on the table, try to rush with the towel to wipe off. It will help us to prevent the damage to the wood.

Advantages of Para Woods

  • Durable: Para wood is one of the most durable woods of all types of wood. It can be strong, tough and elastic for more than 20 years.
  • Less take care: There is no more need for taking extra care for this type of wood. It is already stained resistant than other wood that is why it takes less time to take care.
  • Soft: para wood is very much soft in nature and comfortable to use that is why most of us love to make bedroom furniture by it.
  • Fire resistant: As rubber is already a burn-resistant so there is no need of saying the para wood is also same. It can protect from being burnt off the cigarette butt or any other heat source.

Precautions of Para Wood

When you’re using furniture which made by para wood, you’ve to be careful about some matters. These types of wood are highly perishable and can be damaged in several ways. Proper treatment can extend the durability of it up to twenty or thirty years. However, let’s notify about some of the remarkable things about it that should be minimized immediately:

  • Temperature: It can be stained and discolored by heat. Whenever it comes to the touch of heat materials mightily becomes ruined. Even, it becomes discolored in the sunlight that lessens its durability and stability as well. So, all the types of furniture that made by this kind of wood should be placed at room temperature.
  • Water: You’ve to be slightly careful while using it because of water. Water is highly favorable to get rotten and enough prone to make decay for this wood. In case it washes away by the flowing water by chance, should immediately be wiped out otherwise it will be much miserable. Though para wood can resist stain, watery circumstance assists greatly to be stained. That’s why water seems the main adversary of it to be long lasting and reliable.
  • Insects: Since this wood is fulfilled with sugar content thereby it’s natural to be attacked by insects. Several boring insects attack greatly and sometimes it makes the hole to the furniture. However, this type of damages can reduce while adopting some intervention.
  • Slippery: This wood is slippery in nature and it’s a great concern for the user. If it used for flooring, the miseries of the user might be terrible for its slippage attributes.
  • Staining: It seems unsightly whenever it becomes stained. Several chemical elements are responsible for staining including detergent and abrasion cleaning strategy.
  • Expensive: This wood is standard and favorable ahead of others. But it’s a little bit expensive while comparing with others. However, nobody feels hesitation to purchase it due to its advantages.

Characteristics of Para Woods

  • Outlook and Color: It’s naturally white in color though it varied in color during the primary years of growth. It slightly changes its outlook and color time by time since the time of origin. The color of it becomes lighten gradually as the light color is an important selling factor. Because the user ever prefers light color for making their expected furniture. After all, it’s characterized by charming outlook and color that the key factor of its demand.
  • Resistance: If you compare it to other wood, definitely you would notice that it has low resistance ability. Its low resistance ability is the prime reason of being decay and rot quickly. Even, it’s unable to protect insects on fall due to less resistance. As it perishable along with less resistance, thereby it shouldn’t be used in the outdoor activities.
  • Capability and sustainability: There has no doubt about its capability and sustainability. Whenever we figure out the capability of the wood, the Para wood always comes in the contention. The furniture made by it normally becomes much durable and capable for providing all about facilities to the user. The rubber industry survived by its praiseworthy capacity of delivering long time amenities.
  • Texture: This wood has a little bit shrinkage and its texture is one of them. Textures always become a concerned factor to the user as it characterized to pores and coarse. Although it has relatively a compression characteristic, a suitable attribute can be preferred and more stable for the furniture.
  • Odor: It has the respective odor that spread out during the time of working. The odor exists until the wood dries up. Even, the smell remained after the wood turned into furniture.

Some Popular Furniture That Made by Para Wood

Para wood mainly used for made several useful pieces of furniture. It is available all over the world and using widely in order to produce home furniture that much preferable and usable for the mankind. The user always pays attention to this type of wood for getting better benefits and being satisfied by using their prospective furniture. Let’s take a look at some popular furniture that made by it.

  • Bedroom furniture: It is commonly used in making different bedroom furniture in order to increase one’s bedroom elegance. Cot, chair, dressers, footboards can easily be made by this efficient wood.

  • Kitchen furniture: This wood is used for making kitchen furniture as well. Anyone can feel comfortable while keeping his or her kitchen utensil on the furniture that made by this superior wood.
  • Children furniture: Para wood is now commonly using for children furniture. Nowadays children’s also need their own bed, table, chair and other furniture. Even, they need Almirah to manage all of their toys and accessories. Hence, Para wood might be the only means of manufacturing all of their furniture.

  • Several tables: It’s capable of made several catchy tables including sofa tables, dining tables, coffee tables etc. The tables made by this wood looks fantastic ahead other wooden furniture.

  • Flooring: It is also used for tiling home floor with varieties color combination as usual. Several impressive designs of tiles increase the facility of the floor and provide many benefits to the user aspects their home arrangement.

People can’t figure out their modern life without having perfect furniture. Attractive furniture can easily increase the facility and beauty of a room. Maximum furniture is made of wood and para wood is much preferable and acceptable to the user to make their essential furniture.

Apart from having some advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. Para wood considered being very expensive, it is sometimes slippery, easily damaged by the water, staining problem and so on. But above all, this is the most familiar and durable woods in the whole world so one can enjoy the availability for long years.

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