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Chainsaws are helpful to cut and trim trees into pieces, logs, and fuels. They make your cutting experience smoother and easier. Like any other equipment, chainsaws are also very much delicate to use. If you are not enough professional to use them, you may not get the best performance from them. A poor setting and maintenance will not cut well as well as may make you face the accidental situation.

How To Maintenance Chainsaws: Best Tips Ever

A chainsaw has many parts. Every individual part has different kinds of productivity and needs regular maintenance. A perfect maintenance will give you the experience of running a new chainsaw every single day.

Let’s have a glimpse at our today’s picks to maintenance chainsaw as like as an expert.

  1. Clean The Blades Regularly

A times pass by, every product loses its flexibility with the terms of usage and time. Blades are the most important part of a chainsaw. Though you have got the Best Chainsaw Sharpener, you have to clean and sharpen the blades on a regular basis for maintaining its durability and flexibility.

The blades become dull and unable to cut smoothly whenever you use the chainsaw for cutting solid woods and the blades get engaged with soil, dirt, and oil. There are some occurrences you face while the chainsaw’s blade is not enough sharp to cut.

Chainsaw discharge sawdust rather than discharging saw chips. You won’t be able to cut efficiently with blunt blades. A loosen and the blunt blade will jump frequently every time you use it even if you adjust the gauge.

So, it is pretty much important to clean the blades after the individual user. All you need is to use a right size sharpening tools file. Make sure you are sharpening the blades in one direction. Once you sharpen the blades, clean them and lubricate finely with oil.


  1. Check The Spark Plugs Connection

Spark plugs are very much essential part of any chainsaw. You have to clean them regularly to get the best efficiency result. If the connection between spark plugs terminal and the ignition wire terminal is loose then it increases the chances of causing the fire.

You need to avoid test the chainsaw’s ignition system when the ignition wire is not attached to the spark plugs. Using authentic and authorized products will diminish the chances of fire accidents.

Whenever you are going to remove the plug, remove the plug using a socket. Always clean the socket plugs with a wire brush.

  1. Lubricate The Chainsaw

Chainsaw works better with the lubrication system and prevents the friction of the chain and guide bar. Besides, it decreases the heat energy as well as works for automation. In the maintenance process, don’t forget to check the lubrication part.

You need to clean the oil reservoir before you replace the filter. Make sure you are keeping the filter clean. Replace the filter once they are jammed. A clogged filter will affect the efficiency of chainsaw’s performance. A proper air intake is crucially needed for the better chainsaw performance.

If there is dirt, oil, debris, or soil in the air filter then clean the air filter with soapy water or a gentle cleaning agent. You can do this only for metal filters. Chainsaws which are made of the paper filter, need to be changed.

  1. Clean Cooling Fan

Chainsaw has built-in air cooling fans with the engine. The chainsaws work in the toughest environment of dirt, soil, and rock. So, it leads to poor performance for the dissimilarity of temperature, weather, and environment.

Your engine performance depends on how much your chainsaw is clean and cool. Even chainsaw has built-in air filter but still, it needs a lot of maintenance. Make sure there are no coverings around the engine or any cases.

You can clean the debris from the cooling fans using kerosene. Some prefer to use petrol but there is no need to use petrol while kerosene is very much ideal for cleaning the debris from the air filter.


  1. Perfect Storage

If you are not going to use the chainsaw for longer times, then store it somewhere in the clean place. A perfect storage is very much essential to maintain its durability. Keeping it in a right place will not let it grow dust and dirt. Store it in a packed box or container and make sure it is out of children’s sight.


A perfect maintenance will ensure the better performance of the chainsaw. You don’t need to be a professional expert to maintain the chainsaw perfectly. All you need is to give little extra care and get the effortless chainsaw cutting experience.

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