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For the woodworker, the router becomes the most important tool for implementing innovative woodworking with perfect edges. It’s designed to help carpenters to be more precise and professional about their work.

This very convenient tool is not only easy to use but saves time. Most woodworkers love to have this tool in their arsenal. Few brands come forward to offer this tool with perfection.

Makita is one of those who have some of the best wood routers in their product line. But this product has three types and all of them got our attention. In many ways, they draw our attention. Read below to find more about all these three Makita routers.

Makita RT0701CX7 Review

Makita RT0701CX7 is a versatile wood router that is compact and very user-friendly to use. However, our expert chooses this one among different models for some reasons.

As a first-time user, any carpenter can invest in this router. It’s a realistic and top-notch quality tool for them. Its affordability is also another attractive point for woodworkers.

But there are lots of things still a woodworker needs to know about the Makita RT0701CXT. Its features, pros, cons help you to understand why this router is best out there.

Makita RT0701CX7 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit

Top 7 Reason, You Should Pick Makita RT0701CX7

We found many reasons to choose this unique wood router. Here are the top 7 of them.

  • As a versatile wood router, carpenters can use this tool for different types of craftsmanship. Build quality ensures its reliability and durability that can keep this tool functional for the next few years. Very user-friendly to use and easy to understand how to set this tool based on its features.
  • At an affordable price, this router has to offer lots of benefits.
  • Motor housing is made of heavy-duty aluminum and the body is made of the high-quality brass body that made this tool strong.
  • Starting this tool is smoother than other routers because of this soft start motor feature.
  • Easy to control the speed only for its variable speed dial.

Technical Specifications of Makita RT0701CX7

You just need to go through all of the essential features of Makita RT0701CX7 to understand why it’s a better wood router. That’s how you will know how it performs and what it can offer you for woodworking.

Let’s jump into the deep and dig out all the necessary information about this wood router.


This is the best feature I love about Makita RT0701CX7. After all, a beast is sleeping inside the router. It has a 6 ½ amp with a 1- ¼ HP motor. Such power is essential for small woodworking and routing projects on massive scales.

Adjustable Cutting Depth

Cutting depth is another important feature that comes with this tool. For the depth adjustment, it has a cam lock system. It allows adjusting the depth between 0 to 1- 3/8 inches. This depth is enough for penetration.

Just open the lock lever. It allows you to move the cam upwards and downwards. That’s you can adjust and get your desired depth for penetration.

Soft Start

Despite having great power, this portable router comes with a soft start feature. It’s essential to reduce the torque. By alternating the current this starter features runs on the motor.

As a result, it minimizes the load and ensures the current temporally. That’s how a user also feels the lower stress when running this tool.

Speed Control Dial

Wood routing requires perfection for better output. Smooth routing is the only solution for such perfection that this router offers. This tool includes a speed control dial to control the speed.

From 1 to 6, you can easily adjust your desired speed based you’re your woodworking task. This dial allows getting speed from 10000 to 30000 RPM that is enough to dig out the beauty of woodworking. Adjust and alter the speed if you are not satisfied with the preset speed range.

Electronic Speed Control

The startup twist causes lots of problems for the woodworker. This wood router comes with a solution. It has electronic speed control features and it can maintain the speed. You’ll feel it when you’re using the router under any load.

It’ll automatically reduce the start-up twist. Such a facility is also good for the prevention of burning out of the router. Overall, it ensures the safety of both the router and the user.

Disadvantages of Makita Makita RT0701CX7

Yet, some features make this tool unique, but it still comes with some cons. These are.

  • The small size makes it difficult to use this router for some specific woodworking applications.
  • There are no protective features to make the tools more secure while using.

Makita RT0701C Router Review

Makita RT0701 router is another example of a high-quality wood router. Makita doesn’t stand with a single option for the wood router. This router is also highly compatible with lots of woodworkers. But why should we choose this router? We found many reasons behind it.

Makita RT0701C Compact Router

Advantage of Makita Rt0701C Router

  • This router is made of high-quality material that minimizes the maintenance cost and the initial cost as well.
  • An affordable option for most woodworkers.
  • To use it on different types of woodworking applications, users can apply its variable speed control option.
  • This router allows you to keep an eye on the base. This visibility ensures to get better performance from the router.
  • Better durability because it’s made of high-quality material.
  • To precise the setting, the scale of the router is easy to read
  • It’s designed as a lightweight option that is also compact. So, no one is going to face any trouble handling this router.
  • This router doesn’t come with any complications, so, it’s easy to use all the time.
  • Makita made this router for the woodworker who needs a high level of precision.
  • For better depth adjustment makes this router more useful.
  • Ensure very much comfort because of the slim and agronomical design.

Why Should We Choose Makita RT0701C Router

At first, we loved its speed. Inside this router, there is a powerful motor and it offers variable speed control of 10000 to 30000 RPM. This range of speed is adjustable for different woodworking applications. 

Such speed doesn’t make any problem to handle it because it has a super stable base for the perfect positioning. All the modifications in this router ensure fast setup. Its fantastic construction along with the flat design makes the user more comfortable to change the bit whenever they want in minimum time.

No doubt, this router is good for top-notch precision, especially for the perfect accuracy with the correct setting. Its smooth rack-and-pinion system makes it possible to use this router with such a setting.

Users also love its cam lock system and depth adjustment feature. Both features are good for base installation or removal and straightforward high visibility.

Besides, its soft-start feature is best for a good start. Finally, this is a promising router for the user who loves to use a router at home or workshop for DIY and other woodworking projects.

Makita RT0701cx3 Review

This is another good wood router for professionals. With its incredible usefulness, this is the best router for every type of routing job. Makita Rt0701CX3 covers almost 90% of the routing job.

Makita RT0701CX3 Router kit

Use of Makita RT0701CX3 Router

  • Rounding
  • Smoothing edges
  • Making grooves
  • Trimming
  • Flushing
  • Jointing
  • Creating dovetails, etc.

In short, nothing is impossible with this router because it comes with different benefits and features. All details are given below.


This router is best for offering different speeds and it ensures flexibility. Even it offers more control on the use. The RPMs start from 10000 to 30000 RPMs. But the good side is, its speed control dial allows 6 different speed settings like 10000, 12000, 17000, 22000, 27000, and 30000 RPM. 

For a smooth finish, this router also works with a feature called constant speed control. It won’t jerk after starting the router. The soft-start feature helps to get such comfort.

Solid Build

Makita RT0701CX3 is made with tough heavy-duty aluminum housing. So, you don’t need to worry about its durability.

Quick Release System

This router is not difficult to use, especially for the quick-release cam lock system. Even installing and removing the base plate is easier than before and you don’t need any extra tool to do that.

Nice Opening

A big opening is always good for visibility. It includes an exhaust port. This port works to blow debris and dust that makes it easy to follow the guidelines. That’s how it ensures better usability.

Ergonomic Design

Its ergonomic design makes the router lightweight. Because of the weight, don’t underestimate its performance. But such a lightweight design gives an extra advantage for many types of uses.

Makita rt0701cx3 1-1/4 HP compact router kit

Another reason to pick Makita rt0701cx3 1-1/4 HP compact router because of its kit. The plunge base, offset base, dust nozzles, angle base cutter makes this router more functional in any situation of a woodworking job. 

Overall, Makita RT0701CX is a great example of a well-built router that is made for the precise routing job. It’s reliable, durable, and easy to operate.


Question: Is it possible to mount this router on a router table or bench?

Answer: Yes, you can mount it on a router table or workbench. But the lightweight design of this router is not perfect to place on such a bench or table.

Question: Can I Use this router on aluminum steel?

Answer: This router is good for different routing projects. If you can set the right blade and bits, then it is possible to use it on aluminum steel.

Question: How deep can this router plunge?

Answer: It can plunge about 1- 3/8 inches and it’s the highest plunging capacity. If you push it to the router for more plunge then it might damage the router.

Final Words:

No doubt, all Makita routers come with lots of great specifications. A woodworker is going to love all the essential features of these routers.

Not just only for the price, Makita designed these wood routers for the user of all ages and experience. All these are useful routers that are understandable from the first use.

We tried to highlight every little detail about these routers. This product has three types and one of these routers is for you if you want to do more with your woodworking. Just make your woodwork a fun time with Makita routers.

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