DEWALT DW618B3 Plunge Base and Fixed Base Wood Router review

Those who are looking for a perfect combo router kit, the DEWALT DW618B3 will be a perfect pick for them. When it comes to the matter of functionality, the router has proved to be exceptional and amazing compared to its other competitors.

This router comes with a unique D-handle base. This accessory makes it easy to have great connected are with the surface to be worked on, and that’s what made it widely popular. Besides, the router has both the fixed and plunge bases, which enable it to deal with a wide range of routing tasks. Overall, the manufacturer can confidently claim it as one of the best wood router kits, with versatile and ergonomic features.

 DEWALT DW618B3Features of DEWALT DW618B3 Router

Quick and Secured Base

The most effective feature of the DEWALT DW618B3 is the Clear, LEXAN sub-base. Optimum bit visibility and base longevity of this router are ensured by it.To make setups for specific applications smoothly, Sub-base accepts standard template guide bushings. Another thing you will find with this Sub-base concentricity gauge. If you input this into the collet before the bit installation, it will assist you to center the sub-base about bit location while your cut line is pushed off of the side of the base. All the bases are designed to make a base and bit changes comfortable.

There is a spindle lock button which allows single-wrench bit changes, while the Quick-release motor latches allow smooth and swift motor pack removal. There is a flat top on the fixed base, which offers the plan to set the router upside down for easy bit and depth changes. Besides, you will get improved bit retention by those long, self-releasing, eight slotted collets, which also prevent bits from jamming.

Great Dust Control with Comfort in Operation

Every base has its comfortable and soft rubber over-molded handles.They also have a low center of gravity for reduced user fatigue and improved balance and control. A patented through-the-column dust collection system lets a vacuum be attached to the router without blocking the user’s eyesight. Contributing to the setup’s usability is also a disengage corset which can be comfortably serviced.

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The Pros

  • It has a powerful motor, which can easily handle even the toughest applications.
  • There are three bases (D-handle, Fixed, and Plunge Base) for maximum versatility.
  • It has a variable speed range from 8000 to 24000, which helps the user to handle different applications.
  • Micro-fine depth adjustment feature ensures precise and accurate cuts.
  • It has a soft-start feature, which reduces starting torque for precise routing.
  • 95% of the dust is managed by the Dust collection system, and it enhances bit visibility too.
  • The router is Compatible with ¼ and ½ inch collets, therefore, gives the user more options for cuts.

The Cons

  • The operation of three bases is a little bit complicated for beginners.
  • Using wrenches for bit removal is quite challenging.
  • During the routing process, the coils and bushing are visible, which may distract the user.

DEWALT DW618B3Customer Reviews

While writing this article, I went to have a rapid check through the customer reviews of the DeWalt DW618B3on Amazon.I was pretty impressed with the result.

One reviewer was quite impressed with its control and accuracy. He said,

‘I had never owned a fixed base router before. Now I’m fully satisfied because of their control and precision of depth adjustment.

Another user praised its quality, ‘The quality of this unit is really good. The complete router kit comes with all attachments types. All these conveniently fit into one large plastic molded carrying case.’

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In short, there are different users of the DeWalt DW618B3 who like it and those who are not completely disappointed by it. So before making the decision to buy this router, you should look at all the possible options and features if those suit for you.

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