Bosch PR20EVSK Colt Palm Wood Router Review

While I was doing research on the different routers available in the market, guess what I found! I just discovered that the Bosch Pr20EVSK is the second bestselling wood router, which is alternatively known as the Colt Palm Router to most of the experienced woodworkers. Though once these were considered trim routers, I’ll show you how much these small palm routers can do.

The Bosch Colt Palmwood router can be a perfect woodworking companion of a DIY homeowner. Whoever you are, a kitchen remodeler or professional carpenter, you can handle your wide range of tasks with its help. This is a wonderful combination of lightweight, variable speed and immense power with a push button spindle lock for quick changes of bits. As a result, the task of adding or removing bits for an intermediate or advanced woodworker gets quite easy, fast and comfortable. If you want attractive edges for wood cabinets, make dadoes or kitchen counter tops, this router will trim the laminates for you.

Bosch PR20EVSKLet’s find out why you should prefer Bosch PR20EVSK to other routers available in the market.

Horse Power with Soft Start

The Bosch PR20EVSK has a 1.0 peak HP motor which produces 5.6 amps of speed.That makes it the lowest horse powered router on the market of this size. If you wish to go for smaller projects like cutting trim around your tool shop or house, this little router is a perfect one with a lot of power and torque.

The soft-start feature reduces the torque on the motor during startup and helps to maintain the speed under load to for overload protection and a constant performance with Bosch’s patent constant response circuit. This feature works to minimize the stress on the router motor. Consequently, you get a consistent performance that allows you to create more even and better cuts.

Variable Speeds

The in constant speed dial on the top allows you to set the desired speed within the range of 16,000 and 35,000 RPM for your routing task.The electronic speed control not only maintains speed under load so that the motor starts with minimum twisting but also helps to prevent overheating.

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Features & Specifications of Bosch PR20EVSK

  • The router weighs 11.8 pounds
  • It has finger support pockets for maximum stability.
  • It is made in an aluminum construction making it easy to hold and operate.
  • The very impressive thing is the over-molded grip along with the finger guards on the front of the fixed base which makes one hand operation easy. It allows the user a comfortable and safe grip and minimizes the vibration on the arm during long periods of working.
  • Its depth adjustment gives the user full control of the project. It is also quite easy to use and is versatile and accurate.
  • A wheel at the back of the base makes microfine depth adjustments are comparatively much easier.
  • To suit the specific load, there is a clamp system which facilitates easier adjustment of the motor.
  • Comes with various necessary components like drop-forged collet, palm router, shaft wrenches and a case
  • The Bosch PR20EVSK comes with one-year warranty

Bosch PR20EVSK

Customer Reviews

I was amazed while I went to check the reviews of Bosch PR20EVSK on Amazon while writing this article.

One user stated it overhyped. He mentioned, ‘Worked great for first two months, then suddenly a piece broke off.’

Another user said, ‘Just after 5 minutes of usage, sparks started to fly out of the housing.’

But so many of the reviewers found it a very effective product. Their reviews were like ‘This is a perfect addition to a toolbox with limited space.’, ‘This tool is nearly perfect. A complete pleasure to the eye.’

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Final Words

Bosch is a reputed name in the market of routers. They have made an amazing combination of mod technology and innovation to come up with this unique and revolutionary router. Bosch PR20EVSK is such a robust and powerful router with a compact design and some very awesome features but can be availed at an affordable price. You can also read our complete buying guide on the best wood router.

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