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DEWALT DWP611 is one of the best products of the reputed name. Such a wonderful and innovative wood router is quite desirable when it comes adorned with a great combination of features. Whatever the task is, minimal bevel cuts, flush trimming or huge edge profiles among others, this router is fully capable of handling this extensive range of applications.

The special design of DEWALT DWP611 makes it very easy to use. With visibility controlling design, the overall performance is satisfactorily good. Considering all these factors, the DEWALT DWP611 can be of great assistance for the woodworkers to effectively handle any kind of wood project.

DeWALT DWP611 1.25 HP Torque
DeWALT DWP611 1.25 HP Torque
DeWALT DWP611 1.25 HP Torque

Which factors, You really need to buy DEWALT DWP611

Power and Performance

The DEWALT DWP611 compact router features a 1-1/4 peak HP motor. Compared to its competitor’s models, this motor delivers significantly more power to help you accomplish your wood tasks as productively as possible. You will be able to better manage the tool by the variable speed control as well as determine the required speed best suited for the application.

The router is embellished with a low, contoured grip which is close to the work surface. It provides both accuracy and productivity on the job site, which consequently has a great contribution to an excellent level of control. With full-time electronic feedback feature, the soft starting motor maintains motor speed through the cut. An adjustment ring empowers controlled bit depth changes to within 1/64-inch.

Comfort and Convenience

This router ensures maximum visibility in operation by the fixed base’s dual LEDs and clear sub-base ensure. You will have a greater bit contact with the bit shaft than traditional routers by the extended 1/4-inch router collet, which will also allow you to have a firm grip on the bit and less vibration of the router.

The function of this block is to integrate a large button which can be activated with the same hand that stabilizes the router. Moreover, it greatly improves the ease of bit change. While running edge profiles, the D-shaped sub-base provides stability and flatness.

There are two tabs installed to allow for a quick and simple base release. It also allows new base/adjustable clamp design that contributes motor location to be maintained through the toughest applications.

  • This router is extremely well built and robust in design.
  • No visibility problem in low light scenarios, LEDS are there which is good for maximum visibility.
  • You can comfortably adjust it for perfect depth control.
  • Strong in operation.
  • Has great bit visibility.
  • It is lightweight and you can easily carry the tool around.
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • It is not tiresome at all to clean, unlike other router kits.
  • There is no case or storage compartment for keeping the router components.
  • You cannot change the bits unless you remove the motor.
  • Use of other shank bits will be limited, as it has only one ¼ inch collet.
  • As it lacks rubber layer on its grip, using it for a long time will not be comfortable enough when
  • compared with other routers.
    It mainly has a fixed base. So, you need to pay more for the plunge base.

Q1: How do you get high torque with a DeWalt impact driver?

A1: By using the right tool for the job. An impact driver is typically used to drive screws or nails into the wood but can be modified to work on metal. Try using an angle grinder to cut metal before drilling if you want to use an impact driver.

A DeWalt impact driver will not give you much higher torque than a regular drill. So if you want to use an impact driver for heavy drilling, you need to use one rated over 1500 ft/lbs. However, a regular drill might be enough if you want to make holes bigger.

Q2: Does this impact wrench have a lot of torque?

A2: Torque is the force needed to rotate something. It comes from pressure on an axle or shaft. A wrench with a higher number means that you need less force for each turn. How many turns per minute (rpm) will depend on how fast your car/truck turns. In general, use a 4-speed impact wrench when working on a vehicle with four wheels; choose one with a 5-speed if your vehicle has five wheels, and so on.

 Customers Reviews

Guess what, this DEWALT DWP611 has got a large number of verified Amazon reviews and got a score of maximum rating points out of a margin of 5 stars on an average! And all these were by the time when I was writing this article.

‘Not too big, not too small, this is exactly what I want.’ 

‘Thanks Dewalt for this excellent product. Really good power for a small router.’

‘This router is just worth your every penny.’ These all were the reactions of the customers after using this.


It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or expert in woodwork, DeWALT DWP611 is a perfect tool for crafters at all levels. The excellent features and unique design of this router outrun the other models when it comes to money. But with all the limitations, you would really like to fix your needs and then proceed to it!

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