Router Basics- What is a Router Tools?

Let’s know some basic about the router, router tools. A router tool is basically used on the hard workpiece such as wood or plastic to route out or hollow out their area in the face. The primary purpose of router tool is woodworking such as cabinetry. It’s commonly used as a plunging tool and also inverted in the router table for works.

The original form of a router tool is handed the hand tool which specializes type of hand plane with a broad base and a narrow blade projecting from the base plate. However, the standard form of a router is with an electric-motor-driven spindle.

It has a smaller version with lighter design primarily work for laminate trimmings. It also uses for smaller or lighter routing work on the workpiece. Like, it also can be utilized for recessing door hinges or recessing lock faceplates with an appropriate jig. Also, rotary tools can be used as the router when the right accessories and bits are attached to it, like the plastic router base, etc.

router tools

Router Tools and Equipment

The router set up includes a cutting tool and air electric drove router and a template for the guide. Besides, it can be attached to a table or connected to radial arms which can be controlled easily. Typically tree types of cutting tools or bits are available.

  • Profile cutters (used for shaping and trimming)
  • Fluted cutters (used for edging and trimming)
  • Helical cutters (used on easily machined materials, for drilling, shaping, cutting)

Here given below some of the router tools names with some explanations

Router Mounted Table

In simple form, a table or bench with upside down router is called router mounted table. In here, the base plate of the router is mounted to the underside of the table with a hole allowing the bit to stick out on the upper side of the table top. It’s best suitable to work with some router operations of smaller objects. It’s also a safer and accurate tool for the mini or average size of the workpiece.

CNC Router

It’s a computer controlled machine which the spindle or router mounts. CNC stands for computer numeric control that can move in support style, where the table is fixed, and the router spindle moves. Or else, in the fixed bridge design where the table moves under the router spindle. CNC router operates by CAD/CAM software programming. It moves along with XYZ axis. Maximum CNC router uses three motors drives system but some advanced are utilize four.

Available Cutters

Router bits are with lots of verities to create either joinery aids or decorative effects. They are classified as either carbide-tipped high-speed steel or the latest solid carbide bits to bring the varieties in work.

Before using a router safety glasses and ear protection should be worn at all times. A router or router tools should be operating by trained adults or a trainee with supervision. Otherwise, it causes damages if the router tools operated off beam.

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