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Wood chisels are a powerful weapon for every craftsmen and woodcutter. From your woodcutting task to furniture construction, you can’t deny the necessity of a chisel. Chisels are always seen in the woodworking shop. Being a home woodworker, you still need a chisel for cutting the wood in many shapes. Well, we all somehow need a chisel. But what about a dull chisel?

A dull chisel is never accepted by any professional or home user woodcutter. Even you can switch to another new branded chisel for having a dull chisel. But is that a solution? Your new chisel will again become dull in terms of usage. So, would you like to buy another chisel and the circle of buying new chisel will remain the same for the rest of life? It’s not a budget-friendly move obviously.

You shouldn’t decide to replace your chisel until it becomes unable to use. But, to maintain dull chisel you can apply sharpening tactics. If you know the right way of sharpening the chisel there is nothing can come between you and your chisel. A chisel in good condition of the sharpening will expand your woodworking task and will allow you to experience the best part of life.

How To Sharpen Your Chisel At Home In Cheaper Ways?

It’s not only, but it’s also a concern for every woodworker who needs to constantly use a best chisel set for their woodworking tasks. So, all of us need a solid, easy, and cheapest way to sharpen chisel at home.

In this way, our extra expenses and hassle will be decreased.

So, let’s know the easy way to sharpen wood chisels at home by yourself.

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Methods That You Can Follow:

  • ​Glue and sandpaper to glass.
  • ​Whetstone.
  • ​A belt grinder to grind the chisel.
  • ​And many things.

I have already mentioned that going to tell the easier and cheapest procedure for you. So, the only method that many experts prefer that is whetstone.

Things That You Must Have To Sharpen The Chisels

  • ​First of all, get 3 Whetstones. It’s better if you can manage 1000, 2000, and 5000 grit stones.
  • ​Get a flat place for sharpening station. If you don’t have a suitable flat surface for the sharpening task then make one by yourself.
  • ​Honing to get the harmless edges.
  • ​Diamond stone to keep the whetstone flat.

Let’s have a quick look at the recommended steps to sharpen chisels using a whetstone.

​Step ​01:

Once you get three types of whetstone (1000, 2000, or 5000), make sure they are flat. If you they are not flat, use a diamond stone to make them enough flat for the sharpening task.

You need to soak those whetstones into water. You can put them in a big bowl or bucket full of water. So, the stones will soak water and won’t hurt your skin or finger.

After 10 minutes, take out them from the bucket and keep them on the sharpening flat surface. If the stones have good grip and friction to your station, it will make your sharpening faster and convenient.

​Step 02:

While you have the flat whetstone and flat sharpening stones, you are ready to go. Put the chisel on the station and make sure it is flat. You can put the backside of your chisel to apply a stroke of stones on it. Apply multiple strokes on it and the edges of the chisel will be sharper than ever. If you can’t set up or get a sharpening station, get a fine piece of sanding paper.

Though you have soaked the stones into water for 10 minutes, you need to get a spray bottle. You need to spray the surface of the stone to keep it wet.

You also must keep cotton clothes or tissues to wipe off the chisels and stones. Otherwise, the stroke won’t be enough effective.

​Step 03

Well, the stroking with stones makes the edges too sharp to cut yourself. So, get the honing guide to make the angle into the perfect bevel. You have to insert the chisel into the bevel down. Also, make sure the honing guide is enough tightly bonded. So, the angle of the chisel will touch the honing guide to the setting angle. The bevel of the chisel touches the stone on the entry level in that time.

After setting the honing guide with the right angle, you can start with 1000 grit stones. You have to be careful about one thing that you put pressure to the bevel. Applying forces and keeping the right angle of the bevel offers the maximum sharpness.

You can apply 5-6 passes to a new chisel but if your chisel is quite older then you must apply 8-10 passes before you change the grit stone. If the bevel is completely fit, you will get the desired result with the 5-6 passes.

Pro Tip For Sharpening Chisels

1. ​Distribute the passes to all over the stones. It will increase the longevity of the stone.
​2. ​While you are done with 5-6 passes, take a soft clean cloth to wipe the blade. Make the blade clean and make it look good. And the whole operation will be visible to you. You will be able to see where the blade and chisel are making friction.
​3. ​Make a sharpening routine. And follow that strictly.
​4. ​And finally, you have gone through the process and happy with the result, go with the 2000 grit stone and repeat the whole process.

Sharp Chisel

If you are a professional woodworker then you must know all the peaks and perks of sharpening. You can’t get the best of your woodworking, you must need sharper chisel blades to cut woods like a pro.

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