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We are dedicated to providing honest and unbiased reviews to our honorable visitor. We also publish very useful informative guides.

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DEWALT DWP611PK 1.25 HP Compact Router Combo Kit Review


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Hitachi KM12VC Fixed Base Variable Speed Router Kit Review

However, in a sequence of providing the right services through supplying the right information for home appliances to the visitors, it stretches its hands an extra long to grab the scattered talents altogether in offering the annual scholarship for the students worldwide.

This is our passion for contributing a bit the as the scholarship from our total revenue every year.

About the Scholarship

A routine work goes for the scholarship when we feel free to exchange our views with the experts from engineers, indoor designers, architectures etc.

So, to keep them entertained, we offer a yearly scholarship that encourages them to meet us together.

This time the scholarship is for $1000.

Whom for this Scholarship?

This is for the sophomores who are studying in college or university in relevant subjects such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Indoor Designing, English Literature, Environmental Science etc.

Otherwise, the professionals who have already completed the degrees in the above-mentioned subjects and have a clear concept about these issues.

Required Knowledge to Seek for the Scholarship

It definitely requires a skill in written English. Therefore, you must have a clear knowledge about the items needed to improve a home environment.

In another word, you have to start from a cleaning issue to decorate a home indoor and outdoor.

Because you have to depict everything so articulately in writing an article that you can get your editors tuned and concentrated immediately.

The article is for: “The Importance of Home Improvement”


  1. The content language must be English.
  2. Send your article to [email protected] using Microsoft Word format
  3. write “Woodrouterguru Scholarship Essay – 2017” in the subject box
  4. The short-listed article will be eligible to compete for the scholarship
  5. Your article will contain 700-1200 words and must be unique and engaging
  6. I will straight REJECT spin articles without any warning
  7. Not every paragraph of your article will exceed 150 words.
  8. Your article will clearly sketch the details asked for

*** Don’t forget to share this Scholarship Announcement on your Facebook wall and the Facebook group of your college/university. Maybe your friends will be interested. ***

You Must Provide Below Information in Your Application

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • College/University Name
  • Area of Study
  • Scan copy of your Student ID Card as proof.

We Deepen Your Opinions

  • How does a home improvement idea change our lifestyle?
  • What benefits can one get from using a house appliance like the wood router?
  • How do you suggest us being so lively with the services we are providing now?

Article Submission Deadline and Selection Process

  • The last dates of submitting your article is 28th February 2018
  • Our editor’s decision is overall in a selection for the finalists. An email notification will be sent to the finally selected candidates each at 5 March 2018.
  • The payment method is via check.

The ToolsInside Scholarship is Awarded on an Annual Basis.

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Regards, Team